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It is really funny listening to Christmas music in Vietnam, the way they rehash all the standard annoying music comical.

Two Dutch women have moved into the dorm, I talk to them about the history of Netherlands and England and how the two countries share allot including similar language.

Played a new card game where having a good short term memory, I watched a Doctor Mike video, he says I should use my feelings as a memory, like how does an ace of spades feel, although actually I try to repeat the word in my head over and over again until its locked in, Ace of spades, ace of spades, ace of spades. But then to remember four cards is really hard like I can remember the first one, then when I have memorized the second, third & fourth card I have forgotten the first card already. I can make a mental picture of a card and save it my head, but I will mix up the numbers and suits which basically means I'm shit at card games because I'm hammered by dyslexia and inferior Si.

Going to bed early by trying to meditate for the first time on the trip and I ended up falling to sleep and trying to sort out by useless phone and check my voicemail which was hopeless.
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