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I had an epiphany that one depends on decision of other people. Other people can decide that one isn't needed for work and that people who don't work shouldn't have money.
It's so sick. One should only depend ones own will, not on will of other people.

Went to the city to ask in work agencies about IT internships. No help from them. Went to a modelling store. Lots of dirty overbrowsed books. I think it's going to close soon.

I hate all these people that can decide about my existence. Had to buy a twix bar. Bought a coffee in a machine on train station, cup didn't come out, coffee went down the drain.

I couldn't take it any more and punched reinforced door window when entering the block. It cracked, tiny shards of glass cutting my hand and toe.
Wow. That was hardcore. I must not run out of egg yolks.
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