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Dear J.,

I've been thinking regarding our talk. A lot of things remain unspoken, and I can't remember everything I have to say at once.

Anyway, we talked about why I care what others think of me. Like you I thought it is insecurity/low self-esteem, which it is, but that's not the only thing. My infamous idealism is mixed in there. Namely, I need to be checked out by others because I know what happens when someone thinks they're perfect. He can critically review himself, but I am still afraid of becoming... because of the lack of a better example I have to mention Hitler :p. That's why I think verification by others is important. I wish for a world where we freely critique each other and work together on the good of the community, the same as the individual good (influences from communism?). And I mean work on character flaws, among other things. I think I gravitate towards eastern or ancient Greek concept where privacy was non existent (or there was little of it). Of course I wouldn't want everything private turned into public, but I feel that we are, as a race, pretty closed up and that everyone would benefit from being more open. Also I have a need to share things with people. I like that. For me that is the crown of friendship plus I have problems for which I'm not sure I can solve alone. For that I need you guys.

Written 4th of May 2012. (edited, it was the 4th, not the 7th)

Okay, so, here's the
schedule plan. I'll post once a day or once in two days at first 'till I translate and post everything I've already written and then I'll continue writing here instead in a private Gdoc. Then the schedule changes to "whenever I feel like it". >:D
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