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2 films which I saw recently and strongly recommend.

Solitary Man

Michael Douglas brilliantly plays a ruined businessman attempting to climb back to the top. Excellent psychological profile. The character isn't judged and we aren't preached to, we're just shown the good and the bad, a man who as easily ended up on the cover of Forbes magazine, as lying bankrupt and beaten in a gutter. Also a nice portrayal of male-female relationships and competition within the same sex. Sad but not sentimental.

Cemetery Junction

Nostalgic, but neither glorified nor critical, portrayal by Ricky Gervais of youth in the 1970's. Semi-autobigraphical. Story of 3 friends from a provincial town coming of age. Has some laugh out loud moments, and some touching ones. Gervais fans will enjoy his cameo as the father. Not a "madcap comedy", but a relaxed, bittersweet, comedy-drama.
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