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Okay, here's a list of 10 popular fruits. What personality type do you envision them being and why?

Banana - ISFP - Who doesn't like a banana (even if just its appearance?)

Apple - ESTJ - Leads the other fruits weather others like it or not

Orange - ISFJ - Conventionally round

Pear - INFP - Get's ignored a lot... doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

Pineapple - ESFP - Loud, Sweet, Tart

Coconut - ENTJ - Just try to crack open their shell

Grapes - ESFP - Fun and goes well with lots of things

Strawberry - ISFJ - Prudent... (sorry I can't come up with anything here)

Lemon - INTP - Different kind of flavor altogether

Tomato - INFJ - Mysterious because it poses as a vegetable

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Banana - ISFJ uses Si, is a common fruit that doesn't step outside of the box but is still good, has a different shape and yellow to be appeal to people.
Apple - ESTJ common fruit to be used in tried and tested recipes, but it's more versatile so can get the job done in many dishes.
Orange - ISTJ conventional fruit not trying to be any shape but round since that's the most practical for it.
Pear - INTJ very sensible but overlooked.
Pineapple - ENFP or even ENTP with its crazy hair style
Strawberry - INFP or ISFP some type that acts sweet.

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Pear - INFP - Get's ignored a lot... doesn't quite know what it wants to be.
pears are EXCELLENT. also the best jelly belly flavor! pears are complex and a little gritty...

Kiwi - All fuzzy on the outside, but a bit sour and very vibrant within. A unique, slightly rebellious fruit that looks a lot plainer on the surface. ISFJ

Raspberry - A little prickly lookin' on first glance, but ultimately squishy, flavorful, and delicious. Mixes well. Delicate despite its tougher appearance. ENFJ

Honeydew - What the... interesting basket-weave lookin' pattern ya got there... Oh, hey, it's green in there! A little weird at first, but once you get to know 'em better, hard not to like. Stands out even in the most diverse fruit salad. ENTP

Peach - Sweet, soft, and with a hard core that may come as a bit of a surprise suddenly. Slippery, with a sense of humor. Likeable and distinct, and though it's not afraid to get messy, tends to be found in good company often. Fits in well with many other fruits. ESFP

Pomegranate - Looks a bit...different. Intriguing. Perhaps a bit menacing. Get a better look within and you will find many many parts, all within a strange, varied, yet ordered framework. Sour, maybe bitter, but satisfying if you dare delve in. INTJ

Blueberry - Everyone can count on blueberry. Excellent in muffins and other baked goods as well as plain on its own or in a mix of fruits. Versatile, yet familiar and comforting. ESFJ

Plum - Looks to be purple, perhaps reddish.....wait, no it's freaking orange on the inside.
Soft and juicy. Sometimes bitter and sharp and sometimes sweet and almost flowery. ISFP
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