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10 Things You Hate

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Thought it would be fun to see 10 things people hate or can't stand as INFPs:

1. Corporations
2. Black Licorice
3. When people don't ask questions or form opinions on their own
4. Winter with no snow
5. People that don't make any effort to keep their word (sometimes no matter what we can't keep it, then we need to own up to that)
6. News
7. War
8. close mindeness (not even attempting to hear a different opinion)
9. Oil Industry
10. self check outs at supermarkets:happy:
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1. When people don't think how their words will effect someone before they say something
2. When people would rather walk away than talk it out and resolve it so that everyone can move past it
3. When my feet are cold!
4. When people get aggravated easily about small things or something you can just turn into an adventure rather than an annoyance
5. When someone shoots down all of my ideas because they've "been there done that" and it didn't work for them
6. When I clearly don't want to talk and someone says "why aren't you talking???"
7. When people are consumed by their jobs and making money, but waste their REAL life for it
8. When people complain about the fact that they never have time to try new things, but really they waste it all by being lazy (guilty of this myself often!)
9. When people are difficult to get ahold of, or take too long to call back/text back... I'll write them off as not worth my time and move on.
10. alarm clocks!
1. Artifice
2. Wilful ignorance
3. Controlling people
4. Prejudice (Sexism/ Racism/ etc)
5. People who put others down (maliciously rather than constructively)
6. Superficial relationships
7. When people accept bad things as 'the way things are', as though they can't be changed
8. Abuse (particularly to children or animals)
9. Black and white perspective (and inability to consider a differing viewpoint)
10. Nationalism​
1. When people prejudge you and size you up as a person based on a mere number of interactions.
2. When older men hit on you, and get even more turned on the more awkward you can't help but get because you're too passive to say anything and don't know if anyone else sees the ridiculousness of the awkward situation, and noone saves you! :(
3. When close friends ditch you for their group of friends that you're technically not a part of.
4. Overcoming my own laziness.
5. When employers see that you'd be a great worker, but start testing you in cruel ways the day of the interview/filling out the application.
6. Homework that has to be sent in online; any types of online homework/school tests that are put into gradebooks via the net.
7. The "unspoken rules" of "cool" parties; having to act a "normal" way in public and do "normal" things. BORING.
8. When people completely ignore symbolism and subliminal messaging, but you're the only one able to see through it or see multiple alternatives to meaning but everyone else thinks you're just crazy and chooses to ignore it and question your sanity.
9. When you want to let go and have fun, but that would mean either taking two extremes: having to be completely drug induced and under the influence to let go and be extroverted, or be a quiet martyr/ observationist unable to just relax.
10. Worrying/Caring too much (and not being able to help it) for others' approval. Basically being a melancholy sanguine hopeless forever alone "crazy person" in the eyes of viewers. AHH.
@ParetoCaretheStare - This too shall pass! I promise! It gets better... and I know it gets old to hear that, but I felt that way when I was younger. It does pass :) and people will eventually love your outside the box thinking! I bet you'll also eventually be able to relax a bit more in fun social situations without the aid of drugs or alcohol - being an observer is fun, and you'll have people notice that you aren't really taking part, see that you are different, and want to find out why you are so mysterious ;)
In order of relevance.......

1. Intolerance
2. Glaring inconsistencies between ideas and reality.
3. Zealotry
4. Human Trafficking........I consider this the most flagrant violation of free will and choice. Two ideas I espouse very highly.
5. Pointless Bureaucracy
6. Apathetic Hypocrisy
7. Gin......tastes like pine needles....blegh
8. Not holding myself accountable.
9. Lack of change.
10. Carnies....shifty folk, can't trust them :p.

1-4 are about the only things that I can honestly say I even have a hint of hating. Even then that's debatable, since my judgments are extremely subjective and nuanced.

The rest are meh whatever. They bug me, but I can tolerate them as necessary evils if I have too (aside from carnies.....buggers, I swear I hit those pins five times with a ball and still they won't fall!).
1. Religion.
2. Lack of common sense.
3. People who think getting wasted and talking to you about it the day after is cool.
4. Bureaucracy, in every shape and form.
5. Women who complain about not being able to find a good guy, but will date asshats anyway.
6. People who force you to stay even when you're bored out of your mind, or else you're so not cool.
7. Reality shows and Soccer. Also known as: Italian culture.
8. Smoking, smokers and cigarettes.
9. Waking up early in the morning.
10. People who dress, talk and act like stereotypes of their musical culture: metalheads, emos, punks etc.
- dishonesty
- bullies
- prejudices
- too much realism & no big dreams
- only good/evil, no "gray area"
- calling stupid things "gay" -> immaturity
- abbreviations
- hints of dislike (but refusing to actually say it)
- small towns (especially without proper public transport)
- people yammering about how awful their hair looks / how fat they are / ...
1.people who think they need to champion something
2.people who fight others battles
3. grits
4. people who think they understand where i'm coming from but don't
5.people who feel sorry for me
6. people who think its ok to feel sorry for me
7.people who won't admit that one chooses to act on their feelings
8. that's all i got.
1. war
2. intolerance
3. gossip
4. greed
5. privacy invasion
6. disregard for/apathy re: civil liberties
7. environmental degradation
8. crime and violence
9. The Barenaked Ladies
10. Chicago Cubs ;P
1. money
2. school
3. the dark
4. forgetfulness
5. loss of time
6. computers that flip
7. burns
8. itching
9. cold/flu
10. short lists that leave something out
1. Waking up via Alarm Clock
2. Being forced to adhere to a strict deadline, not because there is a real reason to just because "that's the way life goes"
3. People who assume that everyone they don't get along with hates them, or people who don't realize that maybe they don't get along with someone for the simple fact that their personalities don't mix well
4. Consumerism
5. People who try to force everyone to have a bad time if they themselves are having a bad time
6. Being compared to other people
7. Being put in the spotlight/on the spot/whatever the expression is
8. When people make fun of me for being a goody two-shoes even though I really am a goody two-shoes
9. People who point out mine or other peoples flaw/people who try to make me think or act like a not good two-shoes
10. Not being liked by everyone :p
1. School
2. Privacy invasion
3. Someone bothering me when I'm listening to music
4. Insensitivity
5. Doing certain things just because everyone else does/ or something is considered normal
6. Unoriginality
7. When people consider someone abnormal because they are not like everyone else (e.g. What kind of girl dislikes shopping and is not interested in clothes/make-up!?!?!11)
8. Cruelty
9. Overly confident people who talk a lot but all they ever do is sound like idiots. I feel embarrassed for them actually.
10. People who think they have right to post someone else's pictures on the internet without their permission (this makes me RAGE).
1. The songs from The Sound of Music
2. Tobacco smoke
3. Mushy, overcooked vegetables
4. Foie Gras
5. Turkey
6. Red wine with brie
7. Bullies
8. Airports
9. People who drive aggressively on my street
10. Television
(Self checkouts are awesome because everyone seems to hate them and because of that, the lines are incredibly short most of the time).

no particular order;

1. Long lines

2. Traffic and slow drivers with no passing lanes, or pulling out in front of me and make me slow down when they could have waited just another 2 seconds and let me pass by.

3. When people get pissy about my smoking even though I try to be as considerate as I can and pick up my cigbutt and smoke away from others.

4. When people make every single thing about liberals or conservatives, or about religion, or talk as if they are always in a business meeting (Like overusing the words "finalize" or saying "If you believe that, I have some property in the Everglades I can sell you".

5. When someone calls anyone an "idiot" for any reason, especially in a short-sighted, dismissive way.

6. The American credit system. The more I understand it, the more I hate it.

7. The Media and everything they say, especially belligerent opinion pieces like Bill O'Reiley and Nancy Grace.

8. When people force their ideas or opinions on someone else (I see it a lot here in the NF section unfortunately).

9. Rudeness and/or inconsideration, especially if they are really loud about it, and drama.

10. Gossip about others (I like to think that they whisper because deep down, they know that it's nothing but bullshit spewing out of their mouths).
1. racism
2. People (most of them, mostly rude ones)
3. Killers and rapists (psyco's)
4. No tolerance
5. No place for free thinking or having a opinion
6. Modern society
7. Sports
8. Math
9. bugs
10. CSI (the series)
1. Mornings
2. Work
3. Cold weather
4. Wet socks
5. Insects
6. Bad hygiene
7. Uninteresting conversation topics
8. Cruelty towards animals
9. Arrogance
10. Normality

10 things just aren't enough..
1.Reality TV.
2. Absolutes- Life is more grey than black and white
3.People who refuse to try and grow from life and instead act like it owes them something or it's everyone else's fault.
4. Player/Bullies (Please go to the moon and screw with each other's heads- leave the rest of us alone.)
5.Loud music blaring out of cars.
6. Child or animal abuse :(
7. Throwing up.
8. Assumptions. (They make an ass of you and me...)
9. Needless drama.
10.People who have no compassion for others and get pissy when they see you trying to help someone.
1) Shoe stores without size 5 1/2 size shoes. (USA)

2) The act of swindling, or "con-artistry"
3) Lines over two hours long at Amusement parks for roller coasters
4) forks-on-chalkboard type sounds
5) Sesame seed buns**
6) Driving in Washington D.C. without a GPS (a hate of the past, thank you technology)
7) Protesting for the sake of protesting alone
8) Seasickness
9) The idea that bookstores might one day be a thing of the past :sad:
10) aspartame

** me and my weird allergy
1. Evil (a blanket statement that covers abuse, racism, sexism, murder, etc)
2. Bugs that bite and leave marks all over your skin that itch for days
3. Big cities that don't have cool stuff like movie studios/professional theaters and amusement parks
4. The idea that you have to work for money, not do what you're passionate about
5. People who are overbearing and freak out if everything isn't perfect
6. People who don't properly train their pets not to act like maniacs
7. Rude customers
8. Kids' TV and movies that insult their intelligence
9. Atheists and liberals who pick fights with conservative Christians just because they can
10. Needles

That covers most of the things I hate. And I know evil was too easy but the top 10 would have consisted of all forms of evil if I didn't just use that as a blanket statement.
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