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Michelle Duggar: ESFP. I used to think ESFJ, but not anymore. She obviously strictly adheres to the church's rules, but she didn't earlier on in life. She just kind of jumped into that kind of extreme nutty religion. She rarely mentions her past. She goes along with all the kids and had them as they came and just kind of rode the wave. I don't see much Fe in her; she isn't particularly warm, pretty straightforward (for who she is, at least).
Josh Duggar: ESTP (UNHEALTHY!)
Anna Duggar: ISFJ
Jana Duggar: INFP
John-David Duggar: INFJ
Jill Dillard: ENFJ
Derick Dillard: INFP
Jessa Seewald: ENTJ
Ben Seewald: ISFP
Jinger Vuolo: ISFP
Jeremy Vuolo: ENTJ
Joy-Anna Forsyth: ISTJ
Austin Forsyth: ISTJ
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