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Hi, this is a story. It's just fantasy but maybe you'll enjoy it:

2 was on her way to see her grandma. What a bright and sunny day, she was thinking. A sunny smile on her face matched the weather. She was thinking about all the things she was gonna do today. Help her grandma peel the potatoes, water the flowers, help the locals set up the organic food stands. Sunny world in sunny eyes. After thoroughly observing the shops around, 2 stopped at the end of the road. She knocked on her grandma's door when she heard a crashing sound behind her.

It was 4 on his bike. He'd crashed against a nearby house trying to get a good glimpse of her. Now one of his pant legs were torn at the knee and he was bleeding. Oh my God, he thought. He prayed she wouldn't turn around to see him in his all-black clothing... her blondeness was almost blinding, and the contrast in appearance between them embarrassed him. Oh no! Oh no, she's turning around! He tried to play off his injury by facing away and pretending to tie his shoes.

"I'm sorry, did you just- crash your bike?"

4 froze. How stupid. Of course he couldn't hide the fact that his front bicycle wheel was deflated.

“Um, I’m uh…” he mumbled, “not that good at riding bikes.” 4 couldn’t see it, but 2 was staring blankly at him. He couldn’t get himself to look her in the eye. 2 walked over to where he was to see his face and bleeding knee.

“Oh, you’re hurt…” then she looked up, “stay here and I’ll get you some bandages.” The grandma then opened the door, 2 instantly standing up to greet her. 4, still facing away, waited for the conversation to die down before looking over his shoulder. Blondie was gone, had probably stepped inside to grab the bandages, and the grandma looked over at him from the doorway. He cut off the eye contact, deciding it better to appear weird than to create an awkward atmosphere.

The grandma announced that she’d be in the kitchen if 2 needed her. The old woman left the doorway then, and out came 2 with band-aids, a medical kit, and alcohol rub. She returned to 4’s side. At the sight of “all this fuss” made just for him, 4’s eyes widened and his face flushed a pale red.

“No, no, I don’t need all this!” He quickly stood up, grabbing his bike handle and getting ready to say, “Thanks, but-“ until 2 pushed down on his shoulder sternly. “Sit down.” Her face looked serious and he was kind of afraid to question her authority. So, he sat, and down came the alcohol rub on his knee, some wipes swiped past his cut, and two band-aids were applied.

4 snuck some glances at 2's face as she went to work. She noticed his stares, but was quite skilled at keeping uncomfortable emotions hidden. Her seriousness made 4 look back down at his knee, which was now clean and cared for. A new obsession lit up inside 4’s heart… a new category created just for the glorious 2.

Thank you for reading. Tell me what you think, positive or negative.
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