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I have just recently learned about the details of the enneagrams, still am learning, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to deal with the "bads" of the two types being together in a relationship. My bf is a 3w2 and im a 2w3, which when I learned I found hilarious, but its both so very much us. I know our tritypes too if that helps:

I'm a 2w3, 9w1, 7w6 and he's a 3w2, 8w7, 5w4.

Also, since I'm already posting here anyway lol, does anyone here know what each of the three mean? He says that it's that if the way youre acting as your first group fails then you move onto your second type and then onto third, but is that the case, and if so, what exactly does that mean? It's not like you change who you are completely just because you don't get what you want lol.

But yeah main question, I know that for 2w3, 8w7 is the perfect type, but I forgot the perfect type for 3w2, its 7w something but I don't remember which and I think it was 7w8 not 7w6, so that sucks!
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