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Just dodged another family obligation. Feels terrible, but I will be hiding when I'm asked about it.

Why don't you visit us?
Don't you like us?
Do you think you're better than us?

Well, first of all I hate obligations.
Doesn't it feel like a prison when you must do certain things? When people tell you you must do certain things for them? Unless they're asking for help and in dire need for it, or you're whoring yourself for money (aka - a job), I don't see the point of asking.


What else is on my mind?
Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and thankfully people weren't that annoying with their displays of public affection. I don't see the point of this day, and find it funny feminists not protesting this day and protesting everything else that's 'man-made'.


Something positive
Even though world is shit, there's something beautiful the emptiness of ether.
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