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I'm not entirely sure. Generally I think I come into situations trying to maintain my sense of self and good jugement. If there is a situation where people people pander to the group and just affirm eachother's opinions/laugihg at jokes that aren't funny/clique type thing, I tend to disrput it with witty commentary. In class I always participate and often end up leading intellectual discussion at least in English classes. I dress interestingly, and I don't mind disagreeing with people. I am not committed to making those who are not "my people" like me, so I'm only myself, though they don't know the degree to whcih I am am holding myself back, assessing, maybe even stressing. I don't feel I am well liked; people dislike me instantaneosly as often as they like me. But I've instances of peopel just coming up to me and saying hwo awesome I am. Compliments I've recieved are along the lines of, You're Real, You're Awesome, Insightful, Witty, intelligent, dress nice.

Insults, bitchy, antisocial, cold, not extroverted, "dont shine in a crowd", nervous, easily flustered, bad public speaker

I think people like someone who can be themself and carry that with pride. I can't always do that, btu when I can be unashamedly myself, people appreciate that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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