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4w3s, I've a Question. Let Us Pow Wow

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I'll be to the point since it's not a lengthy thought. How do people react to you? Answers will definitely vary, because of tri-types, Jungian types, genetics or whatever, but I want to know. Think of it as if there is a huge group of people who know the tendencies of everyone around them (kinda like a small village or island. or a broad social circle in school). Picture that this group of people is standing together and all of a sudden you show up. They pretty much have identified everyone one way or another, including you. How do they see you? What are they thinking when they see you show up all of a sudden?

I know, we're not mind readers, but I want the gist of it. We are an intuitive enneatype after all, so it's not beyond us to grasp how people feel. For me, the group would most likely think about how odd I appear. My distant stare, my deliberate movements, my choppy mannerisms and such. They may be thinking "he's often alone, so he mustn't have friends. we shouldn't talk to him either, lest we stand out as much as he does." They may also think I'm very selfish for not compromising my behavior completely. You?
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I generally get perceived as odd, shy (though I'm rarely actually shy), kind, nice, and approachable.
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I don't try to come across any specific way -- I just try to be friendly because generally I like people. I only rarely have friction with people.
I can go from being excessive to second questioning myself. I guess I don't see how my individualism relates to having friction with people... I'm a very unusual person with unique skill sets and unique creative productions, as well as just an unusual personality.
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