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50/50 the perfect person?

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Imagine this.

What kind of person would this be? Is there an extensive definition out there for this kind of person? Would this be the perfect person, since they have it all?
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On a personal level, I can sort of imagine balancing out my functions. Maybe some sort of adverse conditions would move me to improve my Te (one of my worst functions) so as not to get walked all over in a more cut-throat environment. Meanwhile, I think my Fi would get tempered a bit as I stop having time to consider my values so much while I'm Te-ing it up. I have no clue how I could bring my Ne and Si together though. If it happened, I'm sure I'd lose a lot of my talents, but might become a little more productive. But let's say it happened, and let's assume that all my middling functions are already developed to a decent extent. I'd say I'd probably be able to function (no pun intended). I'd just have to be living a very varied life to keep all the aspects of my personality active, without the constant change ever really being noticed. It doesn't mean I'd be a great person, or a mundane person. I'd just be used to a particular balance of circumstances and trial-and-error that would be one in a billion, and hard to replicate.
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Maybe this person is not impossible but he/she would have to be a zen master, or another disciplinary that has worked to strike this psychic balance in their life. They would probably be actively interested in accessing and excercising all parts of their brains for its own sake. This would take a genius with the right set of desires and influences. Also He/she would be essencially without an ego, feeling solely like an expression of the universe. He/she would have to arrive at Nirvana. But they would likely not score 50% in every prefference because the test does not encompass all aspects of the personaliy; that would be impossible. Instead the test asks the tester to choose individual prefferences. If this person was trully 50% in every category, they would have to be 50% in every answer which means that they could not have a definite answer to ANY question on the test, which would make the test useless to him/her. Otherwise, it would just be a matter of luck or poor introspection from the tester; another test, better understanding of the questions and/or more self awareness would create much more feasable results.
Sounds about right to me.
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