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50/50 the perfect person?

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Imagine this.

What kind of person would this be? Is there an extensive definition out there for this kind of person? Would this be the perfect person, since they have it all?
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I find cognitive functions to be more reliable than MBTI alone...
So someone who's an INFP but scores right in the middle of every function is not necessarily an INFP/ESTJ or something. You can only be one type. An INFP would use Fi, Ne, Si, and Te while an ESTJ would use Te, Si, Ne, and Fi. That person would either be one or the other.
I think the idea of types being defined by their first two functions is best to keep in mind right now. You can have all those functions, but you're not gonna use them all the way every one of the 16 types would.
I think that the only worth these tests have is to help narrow down your type. If I, for instance, score in the middle of T/F, I'm not an ENxP or an ENTP and an ENFP both. I'm only one of those. Past finding my actual type, I think that the only thing the scale representation could demonstrate is that I use my Te and Fi or Ti and Fe almost equally. Besides that, the scale representation is worthless and should not really be payed any special attention to...

And according to the idea of hierarchy of functions, one cannot be right in the middle of both N/S and F/T. I think it'd be really hard to suppress both your lead and secondary process, also.

Btw, to get this kind of results one would only need to employ four functions equally, not all eight.
Yeah, but to claim you're an XXXX type, you would.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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