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from one infj , Sometime infj forget to remind themself in trying to save the world , or at least the people they care about. Here is something to remind :)

Here is a quote from the blog : 55 Things to Accept Right Now. | Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

You cannot make them love you.
You cannot make them understand you.
You cannot make them forgive you.
You cannot make them accept you. Respect you. Be faithful to you.
You cannot make them accept themselves. Forgive themselves. Love themselves.
You cannot make them accept each other. Forgive each other. Love each other.
You cannot make them let the forgiveness in.
You cannot make them let your love in.
You cannot fix them.
You cannot save them.
You cannot defend them or protect them from everything.
You cannot keep them from being hurt.
You cannot make them give up that addiction.
You cannot make them accept your help.
You cannot make them accept the brilliance and beauty of who they really are.
You cannot bring them back from the dead.
Those you love are never really gone.
You are not broken.
You are not defective.
You are not alone.
The darkness called addiction, depression, lonely, anxiety – it lies. I promise.
It can get better.
It will get better.
Change is inevitable.
You have hit a turning point of infinite possibility.
There is a reason you are here.
You have a purpose.
You have a point.
You are powerful.
You are important.
You change people’s lives.
You are a good mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Daughter. Son. Wife. Husband. Partner. Lover. Friend.
You change the world, just by your very existence, just by being a full expression of who you really are.
You are loved.
You are understood.
You are accepted.
You are beautiful.
You are enough.
There is nothing wrong with you.
You are perfect, just the way you are.
You are brave.
You are strong enough to handle anything.
You will be given what you need.
You are capable.
You are forgiven.
You are whole.
You know your truth.
You know your purpose.
You know what you must do.
You are the architect of your own life.
You are going the change the world.
You are going to do your great work.
You write your own future.
There is no impossible.
Today is a new day.

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I really like this! I think I'll print that and put it in my special notebook to read it when I feel bad... Thanks for this! :)
A notebook full of inspiring things seems like a really good idea =)
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I made mine two years ago and it's full of inspiring things, pictures that mean something to me and some of my observations, plans and hopes. I call it my happy notebook, it's quite comforting. :)
I think I'm gonna make it a goal of mine this week to get a notebook and start putting things in it!
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