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6w7 or 7w6

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I've spend the whole night trying to find my enneagram!
So far, I think I'm either a 6w7 and 7w6.

I've done some research and found this page
Not Wholly In Vain...: 6w7 vs 7w6

First of all, does it seem right to you?

Anyways I was happy to see that Ron and Jacob were there cuz I like them as characters haha but thats completly off-topic

I really identify with both of those :S The problem is that it describes both of them and I identify with both of them, but doesnt really give a compariason... like 6w7 will be more blahblahblah then 7w6...

Then I read the 6 and 7 personnalities, however I'm not egocentric and agressive and sutff like that like they said on 7(it may be wrong, i dont mean to offend anyone!)
neither extremly paranoid negative like 6(ok maybe they're not that much but whatever)
And I read somewhere (on a enneagram comparator thing) that 6 liked to plan and be extremly safe in all ways, is it true?

I just read even more but now on PerC xD But just the 7 description and the 7w6 seem pretty different, is that like normal o.o
Thanks a lot!
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I know you love meh!!
My bet is on 7w6, comparing you to Nyx (ENFP 6w7 you bet your ass I'm using you) you seem a little less cautious.
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