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Hi all,

So, generally when I take enneagram tests I score very high on 6,5,4,3,1 and sometimes even 9.

I seem to be a 6w5 according to most of the good tests I have taken (and the less accurate ones come out as 5w6).

I identify with both 6w5 and 6w7. I would say that in my day to day, my behavior outwardly more resembles a 6w5, and I do try to be very deliberate with my logic, my analyses, and the development of my schema. However, much of the time I am very bouncy internally, frantically searching for stimulation to ward off the anxiety demons brought in through the gates of boredom. When in social dynamics that I trust and feel friendly towards, I often do resemble a 6w7 because I am awkward, goofy, kind, and harmonizing. But outside of those perhaps more rare dynamics, I am aloof, curt, congenial but only marginally so, and I am constantly concerned with my intelligence, especially when compared to the relative intelligence of my peers.

Basically, I identify fundamentally as a 6, but the wings are unclear to me still. I suppose one could vacillate between them, and among one's other preferences in one's tritype. But what I am wondering is how to generally demarcate boundaries between 6w5 and 6w7. Any and all input is welcome and appreciated.

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To properly understand: you have both wings.

Type 6 has influence from both. In some people one wing is stronger in some both are about equal in some one is only slightly stronger. In theory both wings are supposed to have a rather strong pull on the main type.

My recommendation: decide yourself after thinking long and hard. In any case it will be a good exercise for developing trust in yourself and not relying on an outside authority (like us for example). I know its not easy to quell the internal doubts through trusting yourself, but try.

Either way, you can't make mistakes by chosing either one. :) you have both.

One example would be my case. My wings are very close, but I consider myself 6w5, I test either 4w5, 5w6 or 6w5, but all combinations of 6-5 and 7 are the top ones exclusion would be 4w5 (I either test as 4w5 or its the second one right after 6w5). On the forums I'm considered rather social and such stuff, however in real life I'm rather withdrawn and detached, aloof and frequently run the risk of isolating myself, but I also indulge in randomness and whatever feels good (glutton).

Others may see me as 6w7 and I have allowed that to overrule my own understanding of myself, which would be that my 5 wing is ever so slightly more influential. I know this because my mother is 6w7 and she turns hysterical under stress (complains a lot too), it is very evident and different from my tendency to withdraw, agressive/paranoid and externally unemotional self (I hold stuff in and become rather hostile).

As a 6 you constantly run the risk of giving away your power to some external authority, that is why imo just decide yourself.
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