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There are an astounding 7,776 different possible combinations for your tritype, let's start:

first, you choose your main type out of 9 choices(9)
2. for each choice, you can have 2 wings (18)
Then you choose the next part of your tritype from the 6 remaining (108)
4. Choose your second wing (216)
5. choose last type out of 3 (648)
6. Choose third wing (1,296)
7. Choose first instinctual stacking, out of 3 (3,888)
8. Choose next instinct with the 2 remaining (7,776)

This is all without taking balanced wings into account. If we assume that every MBTI type can be any enneagram tritype than we end up with a total of 124,416 possible combinations, enough for every member of this forum to have a unique combo specific to them. Just something to think about.

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