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I had so many songs on my mind this morning--and many still waiting in the wings but here are five for this post; I grew up listening to them all, some every day on the radio, for years; others on albums, and just as often:

Dancing Queen - ABBA LIVE

Not only did I hear this one on the radio, I got to watch the group perform on Midnight Special which was freaky fun for a 14-year old like me:

Lady Marmalade - The Labelles

When I Need You - Leo Sayers LIVE

War Pigs - Black Sabbath LIVE (I listened to this on an album my older sister and I played a lot when I was 14 and depressed. It reflected but did not, of course, lift me up out of the depression):


... and to bring it back up a notch, a song I loved very much:

Honky Cat - Elton John LIVE

ADDITION: I had five LIVE performances but could only post by the rules one here.
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