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An older sister and I hitchhiked a lot; two incidents were dicey and I didn't hitch much after the last: A close rape, and the driver said, "Let 'em out of the car" or it wouldn't have turned out well. The second was cutting school and two guys picked us up; one was unstable and said he was taking me home to keep--he wasn't kidding, either. So his buddy stopped at a bar on the east side, all black bar called The Jazzy Juke or something like that, and while my sister and I used the restroom the sane one talked his friend into leaving us there. Damn bad situation but one black dude stopped another from trying to play us--it got ugly for a minute, then he drove us home... after a few stops which included picking up a gun for a deal going down later. Damn, I was scared but he kept his word, and his hands to himself, and dropped us close to home on the west side, at a McDonald's.

Oh, boy, being female is very different from being male in some crucial ways.

But back to hitching, I wanted to share this song a couple days ago but 1) It didn't fit with the others, 2) I figure most people don't like 'any' country music, and 3) I wanted to play it along with some other country, so to start off my 70s Country share is someone who had three songs I loved (My mom adored him and most of his music):

Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico - Johnny Rodriguez LIVE (written and sung by J. Rodriguez) It came out circa 1973


John Hartford wrote this one, my favorite country music lyrics. Sung here by the one who wrote it and the one who made it sail upward - LIVE (technically late 60s but I didn't hear it until the 70s):

[No more videos as only one is allowed, and as for the thread, the OP for some reason decided to close it within 'the next 48 hours' so I am blogging some of my posts, quickly... before time runs out. o_O


This was a favorite--also late 60s--of my Mom's and my own.

Here one of the songwriters (the female; the other was Billy Sherrill) and singer who made it famous is with Johnny Cash on his variety show, circa 1975.

I love how protective Johnny is of her, standing so close, and believe me, this was unusual for him with most woman, e.g. when Linda Ronstadt came on his show in a micro-mini wearing no panties, June Carter Cash told someone 'go buy that girl some bloomers,' and Johnny wasn't cozy with her. xD

Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette LIVE

[Look up Tammy Wynette on Johnny Cash Show, and this should pop up, although there are many performances of Tammy doing this song--just not all have the high sound quality nor sweet feel of Johnny Cash with his arm protectively around her shoulder.]


Released in 1970, written and sung (also guitar work) by Loretta Lynn, this song always reminds me of my maternal roots which grew in the Kentucky mountains so close to Loretta's family that I and the Webb's are connected as something akin to 14th cousins--not unusual in such a small place as a holler:

Coal Miner's Daughter- Loretta Lynn

[I chose a good quality sound with lyrics scrolling... although the lyrics were sometimes wrong, so find a good version if you are interested via youtube.]


And one folk song to end this with for those who could barely make it through the thoughts or titles of the others:

Look What They Done To My Song, Ma - Melanie (1970ish) I love her playfulness which shows up best in many of her other songs like Brand New Key but that I'll save for another day, maybe:

[Really awesome one I couldn't share here, and the one I did will be deleted by the OP soon. Look for an album cover: She is very young, long brown hair, lovely album cover and sound.] ]
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