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They look like they were happy to see each other again in the last one. They're kissing each other. I guess she never really got over him and he was happy to be with her?

I don't know what went on with them. I forgot they were married. Then, I remembered he'd cheated on her, but I don't know what else went on. You say he needed a violent woman to keep him in line? hmm....That's odd. Tell me more?
Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson met in 1970 on an airplane; he was so smitten that he got off with her in Memphis, and never transferred to his Nashville flight, and thus began a love affair that lasted through his many affairs, his alcoholic bouts. Funny thing, way back then, he blamed her for not sticking it out with him.

No, I didn't say he needed a violent woman; I 'quoted' his saying his current wife had one hell of a 'right cross' and the way he said it, with a grin, showed respect, and he admits that finally, she got through to him, because he really thought that 'real men' did what he did, and while he had been willing to put his personal freedom above his relationships, with her and the kids, he finally found something bigger than freedom, and he wasn't prepared to throw it away, so he quit the running around--he had already quit the rest.

She's an attorney, hard-nosed in a good way and yet also loving.

I remember his telling how 'Lisa,' which is her name (I think I got that right) said when she'd had enough that the only thing she still liked about him was his looks.

Apparently, most women he met did. I, however, would have run in the opposite direction; I got a gut instinct for those who play... and if you listen again to the lyrics of the song you posted by Rita she shared his love of fantasy, and yet to settle down to a real, deep, abiding love? He needed it to get and be kept real--and that, finally, is what he did.

Kris has been very forthcoming about his flaws, his affairs, the booze and the rest that so many in the 60s and 70s were into.

His song, Me and Bobby McGee? The original lyrics which Janis changed a tad, read, "I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana and was blowing sad while Bobby sang the blues," and I agree with those who say it is a reference to shooting up.

Kris did it all, and not just boozing and womanizing. He's legendary, and with good reason, going from army major to songwriter to singer to actor, activist and more.

Check out this footage, again not 70s but it shows Kris' growth and his activism, with an intro by Jackson Browne which I'll follow up with a little known clip of his receiving an unlikely award from a fellow veteran and friend.

First, Jackson Browne introducing Kris' song, Mal Sacate circa 1993:

and now the award ceremony, and if you look closely you'll see some legendary actors too:

[Look up "Eleven Bravo Show #21 " without quotes via youtube to see Willie Nelson give out the award as the OP is deleting the thread shortly, and no one will have access to any of the music he, I, and a couple others shared.]

Ask me for any clarification, because I've followed Kristofferson a long time :)
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