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Taken from the WSS Facebook group. Please underline or somehow mention what blocks or questions that you felt elicited a specific reaction or are otherwise worth mentioning as being relevant when typing you e.g. you didn't like them, found the difficult or easy to answer, irrelevant etc.

Block I

  1. General to specific, specific to general – what does it mean? To me it would make sense to compare it to thinking about something as a whole, then going into a specific detail or point of interest within that whole. Vice versa.
  2. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? What I see as logic will differ from other people I'm sure. I think most people consider hard facts as logic or common sense maybe. But, I believe coming to a conclusion that can encompass both the facts and the ethics of a situation are the more 'logical' choices. Leaving the human element/emotions out of a decision, is the same thing in contrast as leaving the facts out and only going on emotion. I tend to go with my emotion first and then clear it up with facts, if it's not possible then I need to take a look at my decision again.
  3. How do you explain fractions on the dial of the clock? I honestly don't understand sorry, they just represent smaller increments of time to give the overall concept of a clock it's meaning. Otherwise it would just be a slowly spinning stick that could represent anything and everything excluding/including time.
  4. What is a rule? What rules do you have to follow? An agreement the majority has come too. A moral obligation sometimes, and an impersonal obligation depending on their context.
  5. What is hierarchy? Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? A delusion that strokes peoples ego. I could believe and follow the thought that hierarchy is on an individual basis but without any specific guidelines that are suppose to include all people as a whole. So no, whats important to you could pose no relevance in my life and vise versa.
  6. What do you think of instructions? Do you use them? Could you write an instruction manual? If so, what type of instruction manual would you most likely write? I tend to jokingly say, "If it has instructions they're actually corrections, for making whatever it is to complicated." I could write a 'suggestion' manual/reference sheet for someone exploring specific styles of art.
  7. Please explain: "Freedom is in complying with the laws, but not in ignoring the laws"? Do you agree with the statement? Why? All I know is my personal definition of freedom, Being able to freely make my own decisions without bringing direct physical/emotional harm to other people.
  8. Tell us how about consistent you are? Depends on the context, I consistently say how I feel and think about things. Fairly consistent in living habits. Other areas I can be indecisive, like choosing what to eat, what to wear ect. Unless I really care about something I'm typically indecisive till I've explored the available options.
  9. What is a "standard"? Why do people need it? Anything typical. I don't think we do, it's mostly used in people trying to relate to one another. Learning the standards of how to do something is good, coming up with your own way after that is more important.
  10. You need to put your home library in order. How do you feel about this activity? How will you approach this task? Annoyed, it's going to drain the hell out of me. I hate doing things like this and typically don't care if they're in any specific order, if I do HAVE to I'll try to put the books I enjoy and use the most at the easiest to reach spot. Then with the others there's no telling, I could order them by size, or alphabetical or not at all I really wouldn't put much thought into it though.

Block II

  1. What is work in your opinion? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters where you can distinguish whether you can do this work or not?Work to me is something people do whether they enjoy it or not to live, work could be a job or just getting up and brushing your teeth. Its the action you take to receive an outcome tangible or intangible. Yes there are parameters, example: If I don't have a sharpener I won't be able to draw, If I don't feel inspired I can't work generally, if my car is broke I won't make to an appointment on time, if I didn't have eyes I couldn't see ect.
  2. Is there any correlation between quality and quantity? Tell us if or how the price depends on quality? There seems to be, I can see something someone spent hours and hours crafting by hand or writing costing more than something mass produced by a machine. Unique will/should cost more but it's overall wealth lays in the choice of the individuals sentiment to the product, or it's effectiveness.
  3. How do people determine the quality of work? How do you determine such quality? How well you can determine the quality of any purchase, do you pay any attention to it?I imagine it's different for anyone, this isn't something I think about often so hard for me to verbalize, I will assess somethings quality as how important it is to me and not by how much I payed for it.
  4. How do you feel if you didn't finish some work? Does it ever happen? What are the reasons?Yes it happens, say a drawing or painting I'm working I've spent about 100 hours on and I'm about 50% through it I'll start to care less because In my mind I've already explored where it will go and how it will look when I finish, so I get distracted and tired. As much as I love making my artwork and spending all the time into, it slowly burns me out and then I need time to recup.
  5. What is "interesting work" for you? Please explain in detail. Some thing I can explore my thoughts and curiosity with. Trying to encompass many techniques of drawing into a single piece of work over the whole thing and seeing it's effect. I love working in layers, like a 3d printer but in 2d.
  6. You go to the store and see something you're interested in buying; there is a price tag on it. What parameters are you going to use to understand if it's overpriced, underpriced, or priced correctly? How it resonates within me, how much I will enjoy it.
  7. When you work and someone tells you: "You don't do it right." What is your reaction? I'd probably be a little offended, and say I'm just doing it my way don't worry about how I'm doing something unless the result is wrong. Show me how you do it, if I like how they do it I may secretly try it later on, and then mix it with my way.
  8. There is a professional right next to you. You always see that you can't perform the way they do. Your feelings, thoughts and actions? Intrigued, how they can have such lazer focus on things they may or may not enjoy. Ex: A business man/woman would be interesting to me because I couldn't understand living how they do, It would bring me zero enjoyment/fulfillment. I would think about how I would feel if I was living in their shoes, usually I come to the conclusion that I would hate myself and life because I don't function that way. I can't force myself to do so many things I have no interest in, I would tip my hat but know it's not for me.
  9. When you have to ask someone else to help you with the task, how do you feel? This is hard to answer, I'm typically in a lot of physical pain I have a spine disease, but If i'm on a good day I'll be genuinely concerned and do my best to help them in hopes they feel more at ease with me helping get something done for them when they're stressed. If it's not something serious I'll still help if I'm not busy.
  10. You need to build a pyramid exactly like in Egypt. Your thoughts, feelings and actions? What is it for? Why? ... If it was my job for some reason then I'd probably take the time to study the pyramid in depth inside and out in order to replicate it to the best of my ability.

Block III

  1. What is beauty? Do you change your opinion about beauty? Does your understanding correlate with the generally accepted notion? What goes beyond the generally accepted notion? Beauty can be anything, it should be pleasing to the individual. What I find beautiful could be ugly to other people, example: body modifactions, I find some of them extremely beautiful and creative even though I wouldn't always want to do those same things to myself I think it's wonderful that they're exploring making their outside match their inside. I find people without make-up beautiful even their flaws are beautiful to me because it makes them unique and no one else can take that from them or replicate it.
  2. Please describe your understanding of a beautifully dressed person. What is the core of beauty? How do you explain what is beautiful to a person who has never heard about beauty before?I could see someone who is dressing to match their personality as beautifully dressed. Weather that be flamboyant or reserved. I would tell them beauty is something you have this compulsion to admire for no other reason but the sake of desire and appreciation.
  3. Is there a template of understanding what beautiful means for everyone to use? Is there such a term as "classical beauty"? If so, what is it?No, people should come up with their own definition of beauty. Classic beauty in U.S culture at least usually is in reference to a simple clean cut attractiveness.
  4. What is comfort? What is coziness? How do you create your comfort and coziness? How do others evaluate your skill in doing so? Do you agree with them?Comfort=relaxed to me. Blocking out the outside world and it's noise. Probably see me as a hermit or just weird.
  5. How do you pick your own clothes? Do you follow fashion? Why? Do you know how to select clothes for different types of figures? Eh, I usually have someone help me. No, its not important to me. I imagine I could but I have no desire to and would be very uncomfortable doing so.
  6. How do you cook? Do you follow recipes? What do others think of your skill?Depends what I'm cooking, I may follow a recipe at first, after that I'll just add or subtract w/e I want and see how it turns out. People say I'm a pretty good cook most of the time, I like savory food.
  7. Are you good at color patterns and mixing them and matching? This is hard to answer honestly, I've been an artist my whole life so it's hard to know if color was natural or a developed skill.
  8. If someone is telling you what is beautiful and what is not, what goes with what color and what is not, do you agree with this person?Depends what we are talking about the color on. If it's clothes, I won't agree or disagree I just wouldn't care. If its in a drawing/painting there are certain things specific colors do when in contrast with each other yes I would agree with that.
  9. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself or trust someone else to do it? Why? I don't really put much thought into it honestly I just put things down and move them as I need them.
  10. How do you know if a person has bad taste? Could you give us an example? Do you always trust your own taste or do you seek opinions from others? I would never assume to think anyone has bad taste, we are all entitled to like/dislike whatever we ant so therefore assuming my taste is better than yours is wrong. It's just different.

Block IV

  1. Can you line up human resources and make them do things? What methods do you use? Can you press people? If so, how does it happen? No, terrible at it. When I've had to everything goes crazy, it makes me very uncomfortable.
  2. What is incursion? How do you deal with this? Can you repulse? How easy can you do it? ???? I think it means to attack, can I repulse?... Idk ? Sorry lost here. If it's asking how easy I can attack then it's almost impossible I have to very angry or frustrated.
  3. What does "my people" and "strangers" mean? When do "my people" become "strangers" and why?my people = a group you identify with for some reason, stranger = people you dont know. When there's a bad disagreement or long period of no communication?
  4. Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified?I would think so?Probably not. In defense?
  5. Do you think it's ok to occupy someone else's territory? In what situations?No not really, unless it's like a mass genocide type thing then the innocent people may need help.
  6. What are the methods of volitional force? When is it most effective and in what situations? Attacking before being attacked. I have no clue, I don't think about this stuff ever.
  7. How do you protect yourself and your interests? With passion and compassion.
  8. Describe your behavior in the situations of opposition and if you have to use some force?I've never been in a physical fight my entire life and I'm 28. I've been close to fighting before and just become overly emotional, WAY overly emotional.
  9. Do others think of you as a strong person? Do you think you are a strong person?In some ways, others no. For both, I'm strong willed and carry a lot of conviction.
  10. How do you understand if a person is strong? Are there any signs of a strong person? What is the core of any force? Why do people listen to one person, but not the other? If they stand by what they believe and say. When a person does that. Passion/conviction.

Block V

  1. What is boorishness? Does your understanding of it correlate with the generally accepted notion? How would you explain what boorishness mean to a 10 year old child? How would you explain the same to an adult who does not behave ethically? A person who says things with no regard of it's implication on other peoples feelings. Honestly I probably wouldn't I'm not super fond of children. I would probably point out how they're hurting people with the way they act/what they say and hope it gets the point across.
  2. How would you improve the moral of the society?Trying to inspire tolerance in everyone.
  3. Can you justify somebody's bad behavior by thinking that he/she wasn't taught how to do so?Sometimes, in very specific situations. Overall I feel like people should just know hurting others in any way is wrong.
  4. Give us your understanding of love. Can you love and punish at the same time? An unbridled affection, passion and understanding for something or someone, that surpasses any reasonable explanation. To an extent, but in general, no I don't think you can.
  5. Have you heard about the Southern hospitality? Everything is for the guest. There is also a German hospitality – the master of the house is always right. What method is the right one? Try to evaluate without the weight of any cultural aspects, traditions, nations etc. I've grown up in the south, Southern Hospitality doesn't really exist to be honest especially if you don't fit into what they know as normal. I can see the benefit of both sides, but cannot say one is more or less right.
  6. What is sympathy? When do you need to express it? When is it advised not to?The ability to care and feel for something or someone even when it stands with or against you. You should always express it, you should never NOT express it.
    [*]Are there any norms of behavior in the society? Do you follow them? Do people always have to follow them? Why?Over time we have created them, they slowly change in more time as well. No, not always. No, I think people should decide what they like and dislike for themselves and not just assume to feel the same way their parents/friends/the rest of the world do about something.
  7. How do you know what attitude among people is right or wrong?Being aggressive, hurtful, inconsiderate and intolerant are wrong.
  8. What does moral mean? What is immoral? Does your understanding correlate with the others? How can you evaluate the correctness of your own understanding?Morals are something people develop as a reference to what is right and wrong to them. Being aggressive, hurtful, inconsiderate and intolerant are immoral to me. Probably doesn't correlate with everyone no. If my understanding of something isn't going to cause me to discriminate or become intolerant and or hurt someone emotional/physically or not.
  9. Somebody is giving you a negative attitude – what is your reaction? Could you show your own negative attitude toward someone else? If so, how? Could you give a person the silent treatment? How easily do you forgive people? I often do give people the silent treatment when people offend me, because I don't want to say something that hurts them the way they hurt me. Yes I can do that sometimes though, and when I do I generally attack their character and call out times when they've done exactly in opposite of what they're proclaiming. If someone is being negative towards me which happens fairly often, I will typically ignore them. If I have to interact I will do everything I can to choose my words carefully and at least keep my side of the interaction civil to avoid making things worse.

Block VI

  1. "Whole world does not cost one tear of child" – how do you understand this phrase? Do you agree with this opinion?Not sure what it's intended to represent exactly, but I can see it meaning that world in general is too focused on power and greed, and that the tear of a child is in fact more important than those things. If so, then yes I would deeply agree with that thought.
  2. Is it acceptable to express emotions? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.I don't tend to like physically expressing my emotions in public or in front of anyone but I don't think it's necessarily wrong unless you're hurting someone by expressing negative emotions such as anger jealousy and hate.
  3. Can you use negative emotions? In what situations?Can I use them????? I have them..... I don't tend to use them for anything except maybe to fuel my artwork.
  4. How do you express negative emotions? What does it look like? What do others think about it?I keep answering the next question down without intending too lol wtf. Okay so, I express them by working them out in my head and then putting them into my artwork making them into something I find beautiful.
  5. Shallow emotions – what does it mean? Are there any other emotions?Hmmmm hard one for me to answer personally, I know being vain is seen as negative ect. But all in all if its something a person cares about deeply then its not shallow to them.
  6. What are right or wrong emotions?I don't believe emotions are right or wrong they operate separately and on a individual to individual basis
  7. Can you change the emotional state of yourself? Of others? To what side – positive or negative?Not really no or well not quickly at least. I think I like to feel like my words and art spark emotions in people more than they actually do and that's fine. Positive.
  8. What does it mean to "pour out your emotions"? How does it happen? To say how you really really feel about yourself and how you hurt, typically after repressing them for a long time and someone making you snap.
  9. Does your internal emotional state correlate with what you show externally?No not most of the time it does not.
  10. Do you track what mood you are in throughout the day? Do you notice the mood of others?I can read faces really well, so I can make a basic assumption sometimes I'm wrong most of the time I'm not. I do track my own mood throughout the day, I try my best to cultivate it into a relaxed state.

Block VII

  1. Do you like surprises?Depends, lol Good ones or bad ones, good surprises yes I can enjoy them now and then. But I'm always worried it's bad at first.
  2. How people change? How do you feel about those changes? Can others see the changes?If its a change for what I view as better then happy like them being themselves and being honest. I would assume they can.
  3. Is it true that whatever happens is only for the best?No, but how you handle it can determine what happens in the future.
  4. What do you think of horoscopes, fortune telling etc.? Do you believe in luck, lucky fortuity?Don't think much of it, it's a fun thing to play with but I don't take that sort of thing seriously. Grain of salt.
  5. Can you forecast events? Is it even real?Depends, with interactions with people yes, is it real????????
  6. What is time? How do you feel time? Can you "kill" time? How? It's an illusion of the human experience we've created to document certain events. Time is what it is. No because time isn't 'real'. You can waste portions of your life doing nothing however.
  7. Is it easy for you to wait for some important event? What if you don’t know when it is supposed to happen? I'll typically become anxious and start imaging all the things that could/may go wrong.
  8. Do you need help creating forecasts and determining how something will end? Do you trust those forecasts? No I don't need help really. I trust them to an extent yes, but acknowledge that something could happen I didn't see coming as well.
  9. Are you normally late? How do you react if someone is late?No not normally, depends how important whatever it is they're late for is. But typically I don't really care.
    [*]Imagine the situation where you agreed to meet with someone. Your feelings and actions: a) 20 minutes before the meeting starts, b) 5 minutes before the meeting starts, c) it is time for the meeting to start, but the person is not here, d) 20 minutes after the meeting start time and the person is not here, e) more time and the person is still not here… a.)Probably feeling a little nervous depending on the situation, if not I'm probably off in my head thinking about something else completely random. b.)A little more nervous depending on the situation, probably trying to pull my thoughts back together and focus on what the meeting will be about. c.)Less nervous if I was able to focus my thoughts on what we will be discussing, and hoping I'm prepared enough. d.)Much less nervous, curious why they aren't there. But I'll be feeling much more comfortable since I made it on time and by now gathered myself in my mind. I'll try to think back and make sure they didn't tell me a different day or location. e.)I'll probably give them a call after 30 minutes and make sure they're okay and haven't got into a wreck or something if I verified that the time and place are correct. I'll probably start packing to leave as well and be a little glad it didn't happen in some ways but hope they're okay aren't hurt.

Block VIII

[*]Is there a meaning of life? In what? Is it the same for everybody? There is if you chose to have meaning, no it's not it's not the same for anyone.

[*]What should be done so people can be happy? Respect and tolerance for the differences between everyone in the world. People should work together to support and cultivate everyone's well being.

[*]In the situations with a lot of potential and volatility will you trust your own guts, logically calculating everything or will you ask people you trust what should be done? I'll trust my instinct and gut. If something starts to appear to be failing along the way I'll retract some and try again.

[*]When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's talents? I can tell if they're uncomfortable talking, and I'll respect it. If they do talk I'll get a better feel for them and probably have a decent general understanding of them as a person but I would never attempt to fully understand anyone else.

[*]Remember an interesting person and call out 5-6 qualities you think are interesting in them. What makes an interesting person? Are you an interesting person? Why? What if someone calls you "boring" and "not interesting"?They spoke freely but not offensively, they seemed sure of themselves, they knew what they wanted in life, they were kind, open to talk about many different things and didn't get offended by my opinion/ showed me respect the way I showed them respect. I think I could be interesting to certain people. I usually think about things from a different perspective some may find it fun. Eh I may be a little hurt by it but it probably wouldn't ruin my day because I probably didn't find them interesting either lol

[*]What opinions, from people who know you, seem: a) fair; I seem lazy to some people*it's fair because going only off observation it would appear that way.* b) not fair; That you have to believe in God to have morals. c) hurtful; That gay people are just delusional d) strange; the people who agree with all my opinions.

[*]Do you fantasize? What kind of fantasies do you have?Yes almost constantly, about anything and everything it will change moment to moment to be honest. Some are very detailed, some are very abstract and ridiculous and just fun to imagine. Like what it would have like to be live in the 1500's, what it would be like to be a dog, how it would feel to breathe water, what other life on other planets could look like and or be. the universe in general fantasizing about the multiverse theory energizes me greatly imagining things like how the earth will look when the sun begins to die, what it would be like to see the solar system crush into a black hole. Imagining funny this like that give me great joy. They don't have to be specifically about space, that just an example of one in some detail..

[*]What qualities should a person have to be successful and why? If a person is happy with their life, they are successful, if a person is doing something they love and have a passion for then they are successful

[*]What qualities can stop a person from being successful and why? Intolerant people unable to explore new ideas and concepts. The fact that we 'need' so many things to live and that people place certain expectations on everyone else causing some of us to get in a rut where we feel bad about the things we love and have passion for. People place higher importance are certain things other people do making it hard to do certain things for a living.

[*]What is more important in life – to be a good person or be a successful one? Why? Is a good person always successful? If not, then why?It's more important to do what you love and have passion for, if you're doing something like that you'll in turn be much nicer because you aren't forced into living a life unfulfilled and unsatisfying in the long run. I'd rather be a starving artist then a rich lawyer. That is just an example if someones passion is law then that's where they should be, your life choices shouldn't be on what will make you rich, they should be on what's going to use your passion and love everyday you to do what you do.

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The one fact I can leave you with is that I 'know' I'm introverted, by all the definitions. The rest I'm not objective enough to really 'know' but introverted/extroverted was easy, my thoughts are focused inward which should show through fairly easy with the info provided as well as the basics like drawing my energy from alone time and contemplation and playing with ideas in my head. I generally have low energy, or well at least observational wise, It takes a lot to get my *engines moving*. My thoughts can be somewhat energetic when I'm alone, but I'm not physically. I get drained very fast being in public or even around people like family after about 3-4 hours max. I would rather hang out at home alone and draw than ever really go out anywhere, I enjoy that much more. When I'm around people I can't think as effectively, too many distractions which causes things to become frustrating in public.

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EII, has been the consensus on a different site. After some back forth with people much more informed with socionics they've pointed out some key places IEI does not work when it comes to Se / Te. Still feel free to through your suggestions in here if you have any though, thanks.
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