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Hello, fellow NT types! (Or non NT types, actually -- music is for everyone.)
I'm not sure if many of you have heard of 8tracks. I searched it on here and ran into only two threads as a result so I decided that there may as well be one made that's a little more recent.

is pretty straightforward. You get some songs and put them in a playlist for either yourself or the public to listen to. I'm particularly fond of the site because I like discovering music and not having to search for a new song every three or four minutes.

I think any of you who are also a fan of fictional characters or finding certain themes (sad, angry, energetic, etc) might like this. I was also wondering if any of you have any 8track recommendations (or creations) and was also hoping to get some opinions.

As for recommendations of my own:
don't get too close (it's dark inside)
let him go
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