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Ahem...note the cheetah avatar, Lol.

I'm not an 8, but I think I'm close enough, and even if Im not I'll give you the CP6 answer anyway.

From what I understand about 8's, they aren't really aware of any brewing trouble that could result in an altercation until the moment arises and they have to crush it. The 8w9 is often described as a castle with thick walls and only when someone attempts to break down those walls does the 8w9 strike back.

Im more of a guard in a watchtower. I notice something odd far off into the distance and under the cloak of darkness I go to investigate it. Once I've isolated the target I must come up with ways to destroy it before it gets to my territory. I could either a) come up with a plan to defeat it and set a trap for it to fall into before it can get to me or b) infiltrate it and destroy it from the inside before it even has a chance to think about coming to attack me.

From my perspective, 8s seem to not notice/care about their vulnerabilities until its too late. Which, probably isn't a problem most of the time, but if you're going to be getting into fights when the shit gets brought to your door step, it can turn into a big one. Especially if you really hurt someone in the process of fighting. I dont know about you but I wouldnt want to deal with that (the law I mean).

I would suggest you just become more aware. More aware of yourself, more aware of your surrounding, and more aware of other people. Most people are snakes in the grass. They are cowards that will try to sneak up on you, even if you can and do beat them. I never forget that.

I would say don't always sit on the defensive side. Sometimes you have to be offensive. Learn to oscillate between the two. Sometimes I'll preemptively strike, and sometimes I won't. There are too many factors involved to explain when I will and when I wont but you get it.

Oscillating is something that CP6s do pretty well IMO.
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