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You identify with 'type 4.' What is it you do? What I mean is, surely you've absorbed information about this "personality," or "motivation." Have you analyzed yourself: seen how you make yourself objectively or subjectively useful? Do you tell these forms apart?

I'm not asking 'how do you use 4 to define what you do.' I ask for your results. That is, of your use of the information to observe yourself, know yourself, and gain insight on what you do, very much like a scientific process. If this is not your style of self-awareness, then you're cognizing my style. What, then, exemplifies your awareness of yourself: do you acknowledge yourself by what you do, how you do, or who you socialize with? Or what? Do you think of how you're useful on an existential standpoint?

Try to get past the depressive stuff, because it's fodder. We don't observe ourselves by identifying with inabilities, but by what we do. The tinge of inadequacy is frequent in us, but it's obsession more than anything else.
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