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A 8w9 ENTP??

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I did a couple of enneagram tests and I always get 8w9. I know the most common enneagram type for an ENTP is 8w7 or 7w8 and maybe even 7w6. So what is a typical ENTP with an enneagram type of 8w9 look like? Does that happen frequently or is it rare?
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I've had suspicions lately I'm an 8w9 since I relate to it a lot. And I'm ENTP ... I don't know how it wouldn't be possible, regardless of how rare.

But yeah, it's definitely rare.
8 like to argue.

I think all entps enjoy debating, so simply enjoying debate doesn't make someone an 8.

An entp 8 is someone who will continue to debate and argue a point regardless of whether others are getting upset and emotionally triggered by the things they are saying. And an entp 8 is someone who will feel they need to win any and every argument.

In contrast I'm an entp 9. I enjoy debating, but I'll choose the path of least resistance when interacting w/ others. I'll usually choose to be quiet, look stupid, lose arguments, and look as tho I am wrong than deal with conflict.
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My belief is that 8-9-1 comes from how your decision making skills where treated in early life.

If you were praised for your ability to make decisisons you end up as an 8. You feel you always need to be in charge and have others agree with your opinions/decisisons. If someone disagrees an 8 will be quick to argue.

9s were rejected for their decisions.. and so 9s expect to be rejected and so for 9s it's all about appeasing and pacifying others so that people aren't emotionally triggered and your can get your ideas heard. 9s expect to have their decisions rejected by most and not be put in charge so they seek subtle influence. A 9 might for instance get try to get someone who's more influential/ has more authority in a group to adopt their idea and allow that other person to take credit for it because coming from the 9 no one would listen to it. Being a 9 is a lot about biting your tongue and swallowing your pride.... but more than anything it's also about being cautious that your decisions are the right ones. I think part of the reason 9s don't argue points like 8s is because they doubt themselves more and they're more prone to constantly anxiously changing and analyzing their decisions/beliefs. They're never sure enough of themselves to insist their decisions/beliefs on others.

1s I believe come from having their decisions ignored. 1s don't try to win people over, but instead just seek to put their decisions into action regardless of others. 1s are very much my way or the highway. They'll act independently.. doing things they were told by others not to do. And when put in charge they become very bossy. They won't argue their decisions/beliefs like 8s. If in charge they expect their commands to be followed blindly obediently as if "because I said so" is a valid argument. But at the same time if not in charge they'll go off and do their own thing without regard for what others believe should be done.
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lol i like how i always release a deluge of thought into a big long rambling post.. and then go to post it

"Post Quick Reply" :unsure: this was only suppose to be a quick reply?
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Enneagram isn't specifically related to MBTI.
ENTP are usually 7s, I'm a 5, very similar to an INTP, but the difference is that I'm more ambiverted than a definite extravert.

8 would definitely be rare, but honestly all those things are bonkers.
I don't think 8 is that rare for ENTP, although 8 is more rare across all 16 types, in general. If anything, it'd be correlated with ExTx types as it is an assertive type, although I've met INFJ/INFP/ISFP/ISFJ 8 haha. If you're an 8, you're an 8. Don't look at it like it is impossible
It's rarer.

I think the typical ENTP description is written from a head type perspective usually 7. More of a quick witted bantery outlook concerned with experimenting with wacky concepts.

Put 8 to the mix, I think this creates a more palpable personality that disregards societal rules. More concerned with creating or doing things that go against the grain of contemporary thought.

Slap on a wing 9 I think adds a more humanizing dimension. Imo this ENTP operates from a more people oriented and relationship oriented perspective. Probably has developed Fe. Still concerned with proving that things can be done differently and more intelligently especially if it goes against the way things have always been done.
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