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Hello lovely people. I came across this site last night while looking for a test for sexual identity. Anyways, you all can know me by the name of Mikins Carter if you prefer.
My main thing that I do in life right now is play a game called Dagorhir I will probably be ranting about this a lot. I actually sort of wonder what fighting with a spear says about me...
link to what I am talking about:
I am also a college student at a local community college right now; I plan on transferring to Michigan State and majoring in political science. But mind you, I don't want to be a politician. I want to do something involving international relations.
I have been listening to lots of Tegan and Sara as of late if anyone wants to help me get more involved with their music.
I am always up for a discussion on Doctor Who and can relate almost anything to that program.
As for films, I have been re-watching a lot of Woody Allen movies.
I am the sort of person that plans to do things but then becomes too busy. My current projects include sewing, learning how to do leather work, making more foam weapons, re-working on my Dag character's backstory, working on creating a male character to role play as for now on, I have a few short stories that have skeletons right now, I have a few essays that are about as far done as my stories, and I have a lot of video editing to do so that I can post my first videos on youtube.
I love to read. I have so many piles of books in my room that I need to get to right now. Right now I am reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami.
This kid is also in love with the LGBTQA community.

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