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A coworker committed suicide I not supposed to care?

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Today, while i was in the elevator going outside for a smoke, someone in the elevator told me that someone (which turned out to be one of my coworkers who i've never met) jumped out the window to his death...when i got to the plaza, there were people outside, police, (thought i couldnt see the body from inside)...people were coming outside off of the elevators, running outside to look at the body, standing around, talking on the phone, chatting..turning it into a social event.

I started to cry....later on in the office, my coworker asked me if i knew him, since my eyes were red...I said, "no, i just knew he had a life, but didnt want to live anymore, is that not enough?" my coworkers sat around and said people should commit suicide in the privacy of their own if its premeditated, right?

Now people are acting all weird toward me, asking me if Im alright and what not...they're the insensitive ones, talking badly about this man, fascinated with hanging outside to view his dead body...but yet I have to be an outcast for caring? Id rather be hypersensitive than insensitive any day.....but i hate people whispering about me behind my back because of it...I hate that they now know that aspect of who I am...
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How sad is that! That's horrible :sad:
Reading this brought tear to my eye too..
Your coworkers sound like zombies! And that's sad.. but that's reality. :sad:
I think you did nothing wrong... it's admirable to see someone compassionate and caring.. someone not so selfish self-centered or indifferent... You're a human with feelings...
I hope you are doing better now! I really wish you everything good... you're worth of it..
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