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That makes me so angry!! Of course you can care. Obviously this poor man was experiencing something terrible in his life if he was pushed to end it. What's wrong with being sympathetic towards that? I feel sick about it, and I know even less about this man than you. Nobody should have to suffer to the point that they just totally give up...

The way you reacted was fine. I'm sorry that people made you feel so uncomfortable. I'm sorry that people can't be more sensitive, can't take a break from their own selfish thoughts to consider the struggles of others. Sure, you can't dwell on it. What's done is done, but I think its okay to mourn for a lost life. I'm just ranting now.
I just... grrr.

Point is: It's okay that you cared. In fact, I would even say its a good thing.
I second this wholeheartedly. Fact is, a soul passed away needlessly. Probably could have been prevented if someone cared enough to do something about his suffering. It's amazing how even one single word of comfort whispered can change the desire to suicide. I think it's perfectly okay to sympathize, in fact I would be disturbed if one lacked sympathy in this type of situation.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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