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A Dear Question from an INTP

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It's so awesome, so much ENFJs =P

First of all, Hello there to you all, my name is Danny and I've come here for a very specific question;
I'm an INTP and like most of my (simply amazing) Type, we seek to find ENFJs, so we could face the doom of the relationship when it comes, together.
Well I'm joking, I've had a girlfriend that was an ENFJ when I was 16, and well, I take it on me. I was afraid to open up and take the relationship to a new level, and she thought that I wasn't interested (I guess).
After a lot of years of "working on my-self", (and knowing MBTI for 4 months or so), I'm aiming at you'll again, knowing another ENFJs (which I can't date, simply because she's 10 years older then me), I guess a part of the relationship is: Evolve, or it will die. I do think we complete and learn from each other in a very special way, answering each other needs, plus, it seems we "talk" the same language, but from different ends, which gives the relationship a feeling of "soul-mates", (I guess).

Well, to my question - Where can I find you? where do you find yourself spending time? workplace? free time? weekends?

* I understand the irony, an INTP asking where to find ENFJs... usually the question is the other way around, and the answer is - at their homes. =P
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im enfj guy, and my i say congratz for loving our personality type! to find us thats a pretty good question, it really depends how old your are. im 21, some of my girl enfj friends are either married, getting married, in relationships, or in relationships that are doomed.

as far as the ones i know of we range from where you can find us, you have to remember that i guess its harder to find enfj girls because they sort of blend in with other girls by their personality fronts, if that makes sense, but, where ever girls may be, i would start your search there! you dont say how old you are, but if your young, go to school, have friends, its easy to find us,

as an enfj guy, i pretty much do what everyone else does, school work, i like to go to the gym, i like libraries, i like to go to parties, i like to go to bars in the summer, i even like clubbing! i think the real question is identifying us in a crowd, or in your case identifying enfjs in a crowd of women, or meeting someone casually, it can be quite challenging?

so i would refocus on instead of where to find us, change it to how you can identify those 4 letter acronyms over our heads when you see us. ive been self aware of being an enfj, and myself for around a year maybe more

if girls you come across come off as helpers, odds are they might be one, we love to talk about feelings, problems, obstacles, self improvement, important things, and at my age its even easier to find them because most girls my age are wound up things people do my age, i think enfj girls are a more unique breed that can be easily identifiable.

other enfj girls can quote me but i think personality wise there's not much gender difference when it comes to the male/female enfj, so i hope my post has some traction.

just remember, we help, we're in tuned with who we are, we come off as very accepting, real, social people. im probably missing something obvious, but i hoped i helped, you know, as an enf-helper haha :D
something ive noticed, not many people can carry genuine conversations about important things, we do that. we're awesome at one on one conversations, so if you find someone who is more open to talking alone that may be a hint although that sounds like the norm for everyone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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