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A Dear Question from an INTP

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It's so awesome, so much ENFJs =P

First of all, Hello there to you all, my name is Danny and I've come here for a very specific question;
I'm an INTP and like most of my (simply amazing) Type, we seek to find ENFJs, so we could face the doom of the relationship when it comes, together.
Well I'm joking, I've had a girlfriend that was an ENFJ when I was 16, and well, I take it on me. I was afraid to open up and take the relationship to a new level, and she thought that I wasn't interested (I guess).
After a lot of years of "working on my-self", (and knowing MBTI for 4 months or so), I'm aiming at you'll again, knowing another ENFJs (which I can't date, simply because she's 10 years older then me), I guess a part of the relationship is: Evolve, or it will die. I do think we complete and learn from each other in a very special way, answering each other needs, plus, it seems we "talk" the same language, but from different ends, which gives the relationship a feeling of "soul-mates", (I guess).

Well, to my question - Where can I find you? where do you find yourself spending time? workplace? free time? weekends?

* I understand the irony, an INTP asking where to find ENFJs... usually the question is the other way around, and the answer is - at their homes. =P
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Okay seriously where are all these INTPs coming from? Haha :crazy:

Well, usually we will come to you, but there's the off occasion where we'll spot you but we're too shy to do anything. Just a sheepish glance xD

In large groups we are drawn to the wallflowers, in smaller groups we are drawn to the quirky one. Hope that helps, it isn't much hahaha.
Oh dude, keep it goin, we love the quirkiness!

The weirder you are, the more we love and notice it. That's the theory behind INFPs being our personality match, they're fiercely individualistic and don't give too many shits about what other people think about them, and they just go about being their weird little selves.

We love people who can stand their ground, be fun, witty, weird, and all the while be completely comfortable with themselves. Also, yeah, the fastest and BEST way to get to know an ENFJ is to sit down and actually have a deep conversation. It could be about fuckin anything, we have opinions and thoughts about everything, we sometimes think we know everything, but we're open to be proven wrong, we are seekers of facts, not simply knowledge. Conceptual analysis and the like, just any sort of brain food we can talk about is awesome and keeps us interested.

Don't be shy if an ENFJ all of a sudden starts bringing up serious conversations, it just means we think you actually have the mental capacity to do so, and also that we're comfortable with you.
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No worries man, and best of luck! I heard these ENFJ girlies are quite a lively bunch O:
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