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I related to a fair few of those - Not Ne though. It hits home moreso than MBTI in some respects - particularly Si, which perturbs me half the time in MBTI descriptions.

Extraverted Thinking Ignoring (7)
The individual is adept at finding external sources of factual information and confident in his ability to evaluate their value, but regards collecting data as secondary to making them fit into a consistent logical system. To him, listing facts without analyzing their relationships is a trivial and boring exercise. He values efficiency and productivity but is skeptical that they will be achieved if one's actions and process do not follow a clear procedure.
Infact I find it hard to make sense of ideas, often, if I don't have the relationship between them - the web, or big picture of them. I always thought that related to Si: Learning the process of them and how they relate slowly and sequentially, but always needing the general overall significance and how they flow to understand each individual piece.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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