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First my Mom. I know she's an ISxP.
It's that thinking or feeling that has me stumped.
. She loves to be busy and finds it very hard to relax.
. She'll bend over backwards to help people
. She can be very blunt
. I'm a person who is scheduled and can't tolerate people who keep me guessing...and this can drive her crazy! She's like "Well, you're going to have to put up with it. It's not going to change!"
. She will say things like; "Well, that's life!" or "Get over it."
. But she is very caring too. She'll knock herself out doing things for other people.
. Cruelness bothers her a great deal.
. Sometimes she'll tell someone straight out how she feels (and I leave, as conflict upsets me.)
. She deals with difficult people very well-much better then her daughter does.
. She's very active in the church (children's church, greeter, kitchen help, ect)
. She can be very daring, and loves to try new things
So, any guesses about my Mom's type?

OK, my BFF, Kami
. She's one of those types that would give you the shirt off her back
. She works hard and plays hard
. She adores her boyfriend but says she misses being single sometimes because she doesn't get much space or Girl's night out.
. She's a great mom to her son, she loves to take him places, but she's strict too, limiting his sweets and she'll spank him for disrespect or not obeying
. She's somewhat of a follower, even getting into trouble because of that
. She won't speak up for herself very much at all
. She hates reading with a passion, says she's never read one book all the way through in her life
. She can be witty and teasing
. She's quite sporty and outdoorsy

I hope that's enough imfo to venture a guess on Kami's type
Thanks in advance!
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