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A even more complex INFJ? or...

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Hi there guys! So I've been trying to figure out my type, I normally test as INFJ (or get it as option along with INFP or ISFJ) and I do feel as one, I understand other INFJs as well, But also INFPs and maybe few others, I'm really confused, in asked for advice and I was told to take a function test, which I did it and resulted that my functions as INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti and Se) were just a bit, in fact all the functions Ni,Ne,Fe,Fi,Ti,Te and Se,Si were in a range of 29-34% ...All of them were developed to a good use, I didn't even wanted that, they just developed, but my questions is...
Is that even okay? Common? uncommon but possible? Impossible? What does that make me? I asked about it and I they told me I was well-rounded but in all honestly It makes me even more confused and frustrated....
I wonder if it's because of the way I was raised and grew up and my own issues/traumas...
I'm sorry if I bother you guys but can you help me with this, please?
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I asked for a good one to a Major in psychology, I believe they can be reliable as long as you are honest with yourself.
In any case, to answer you, I relate to Fe a bit more, but I'm good with my Fi too, almost the same level of use, in all honesty I can tell I've been using both, it might take me some time to define which I use naturally and which was developed though.

Sorry but those CF tests are not reliable! I used to get sth similar as well, and it made 0 sense... Loads of people mistype themselves all the time, I'd even say more people could be mistyped than typed correctly.

Do you relate more to Fi or to Fe? There's a world in between!
A serious question: does any of this change who you are? These numbers are generated by a concept and a test developed . . .when? Why? And the test results have no independant existence.
You are an unique individual, observable but not definable. Yes, you are the master of your fate, your life, your soul. You are wonderfully complex and and highly variable, intelligent, creative -
So why do these scores matter? Your are their master - by considering each question, and with practice, you can make them be whatever your heart desires. Inamimate wisps of imagination, they do not have influence overyou.
Omg I love you.
You know actually I talked with a friend of mine about this and she remembered me that, I may be an INFJ by a % but I'm way more complex than it, like you said, I guess...I was seeking for finally fit better into a place, but that would be changing myself to fit, which...that isn't what I want, you are actually right, I'm variable, I'm conscious of how much I can do, haha, in fact my friend told me that is how I am, someone able to adapt and develop when I see it necessary.

The conclusion I came is that I'm rushing the answers to this question, I might just wait until my life gets more clear, maybe the fact I'm not in my best shape confuses me, but in any case, we will see.

Thanks a lot to both of you~
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