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A family of le MBTIs~~

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Hey guys...I'm just interested to hear how the following would get along e.g. how they would interact, who would get along best with who.. etc especially within their families~
Thanks so much in advance <3
Family 1
Older sis: ESTP
Twins brothers: ENTJ, ENFJ
Younger sister: ISFx (assertive variant)

Family 2
Older bro: ISTP
Younger sis: INFJ

Family 3
Older bro: ESFP
Younger sis: ENFP

Family 4
Older sis: ISFJ
Younger bro: INFP

Family 5
Older bro: ENTP
Younger bro: ISTJ

Family 6
Older bro: ESTJ
Younger sis: ESFJ

Family 7
Twins: female INTP and male INTJ

Well that's it for now~
This is my first post------I feel so dodgy for uploading something that is so strange
because i haven't even sorted out my own personality type...
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Welcome to the forums!

You might very well already be aware of this, but there's actually a whole forum to help people find their type if you're interested in help sorting that out What's my personality type? Feel free to fill out a questionnaire any time. People are always willing to help someone discover their true type.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough knowledge to comment on the families... It seems Family 7 would get along best though, just as a haphazard guess.
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Hehe thanks for your input~
I'm currently writing a post to put onto that forum- thanks again<3
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