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I am currently making a scrapbook for my best friend for his 28th birthday. He has a 5-year-old daughter and doesn't have pictures of her as a baby because they were posted on his MySpace and he can't seem to remember his account info. Anyway, I managed to obtain a few by accessing his page through another friend's account. I printed them out and am in the middle of putting them all together in a 10-page scrapbook. Everything is looking amazing...but I just need 10 awesome poems or quotes to put in it.

Do you know any good and meaningful father/daughter poems/quotes online? Or have you written one you don't mind sharing? Do you have any personal things to say as a parent yourself on the love for your child/ren?

I remember reading a post from a member on here a few years back where he said something along the lines of "having children is the only way I know where one can remove their heart from their body and place it into a different body without surgery"... But you know, better worded.

I'd appreciate any contributions. Thanks ahead!

PS. I know I could post this in the poetry section, but I really would like to hear what the INFJs have to say on this. I've searched for some online and haven't found many I liked. So I'm hoping one of you guys can help.
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