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I don't know know what to call this, but I notice there are these states certain people generate in me.

I'm either bad at reading my own feelings/labeling them or I'm paying attention to something more complicated? Either way, I recently encountered someone at work who left me with this very calm inner state that's been sustained over two days now. I've only ever felt it one other time from someone on another forum. The sensation is like an ever expansive interior where I have much more room to breathe. It's a mellowness, a steady stream, a sensation that things are and will be okay. It's a very pleasant state. More than a feeling because of the duration and structure of it.

Of course, my first thought was that these people know how to put others at ease (possibly enneagram 9s), and though plenty are good at it, these specific two just do this at a much higher level than anyone.

But what is it that they do? For the recent person, I barely interacted with except for very brief, work task related things. I barely even looked at him. Another explanation I came up with was that it's the energy these people give off and theirs is just super high frequency, but why? How?

Another boggling state is I become "lost" around certain people, which I can't really explain with interpersonal energy. Around them, I feel as if I'm no longer in my body, and I'm merged with everything, everyone, and I'm unconscious. Like dissociation. It's neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Usually, the other person snaps me back by trying to get my attention. Why do I zone out on them? Again, just brief work/school related interactions and it consistently happens with them.

Anyone have explanations? Has anyone experienced similar?
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