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A few problems being a ISTP

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Well it is said that ISTP's are adventurous...

However, I seem to lack the adventurer inside me. Either life is to lame. Or I need a ticket to the Caribbean.
I have this feeling that I am strong at unusual situations. But I don't seem to see any around here lately. Everything is same old things. You can't get any fun around here except with a PC or PSP. Sometimes I wish to ride a horse or something, but it is a hard to do hobby for a engineer living in Seoul.
I'm near to an heart attack in a few years, So I think I should get some exercise, But I lack the urge to move lately. The only life saver is my bike I ride at Sundays.

Also, I dont seem to have any problem living single. Therefore even if I do see a woman, I lack any interest. (maybe except 'you know what'. But I dont get any.) Since it is hard to see woman normally (at all)around here, I doubt that I'll meet anybody that will keep me interested more than a day.

Thus, being an ISTP doesn't seem to give any advantage these days. (Except that I can further ignore my over-caring parents with little emotional effort) Maybe I should try moving somewhere I can ride a horse.
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I can't imagine Seoul being too great a location for an ISTP. Am I right in thinking that Koreans and Seoulites in general are rather conformative, meaning that an ISTP might feel restrained and 'trapped'.

Get out and find somewhere you can be yourself. Skateboarding, free running, whatever. When you loosen up you'll find the girls too.
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