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There are a few YouTubers that I watch frequently, and I was wondering what you guys would type them as. I'll add videos that may show some of their traits for evidence if there are

1. Sky Williams - ENFP (put it in the youtube url) /watch?v=UQB_U3aAn5g

2. videogamedunkey - xNTP (couldn't find any videos where he really talks about himself, but I guessed. Leaning towards ENTP as well.)

3. Jeremy Jahns - ENFP /watch?v=98wpd37rioY

3. Chris Stuckmann - INFP /watch?v=UhNyHUwo1SY

4. Emergency Awesome - ISTJ /watch?v=xmbBo5WbLmg (The way he has so much knowledge built up seems very ISTJ to me if that makes sense. There also aren't many videos that express his personal traits. He just states the facts in his videos without putting much opinion in them, which seems like an ISTJ trait to me as well.)

Sorry for the messy links, I'm only up to 7 posts so I can't put real links in there.

I'd love to hear input on what you think their types are. Also, feel free to add YouTubers to the list! Thanks!

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i think dunkey is xNTP as well but honestly im leaning towards ENTP maybe?
Leabee (his gf) INFP?
I agree on sky
Idubbbz - ENTP
Filthy frank and joji himself - ENTP
Maxmofoe - ESTP? nah he colloects pokemon cards for christ sake... Hes hard to type so ExxP
Pewdiepie - INTP?
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