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What's my enneatype?

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What is your main, general goal in life?
I like to be successful and competent so I don't need to suffer. When I'm not suffering, my imaginations make me satisfied and I become more confident. I also like to influence people that way. But I may like some short-term pleasures to get satisfied. This may happen when I try to pursue a big goal. I can focus if the thing I'm doing is very interesting but anthing else makes me unfocused. I like to enjoy the life freely to the fullest, without constraint by anyone. I also like to understand and learn information very fast and it satisfies me a lot. But I learn for fun, not for mastery. You can call me "the curious and imaginative one". I also like to mess around with different things while in quarantine. I would hate working a miserable 9-5 job because I know its many disadvantages which are way too many to even consider a 9-5 office work. I would also get bored. Also, I would like to change flawed systems and update them.

What do you fear the most?
I sometimes fear being criticized by others or having conflicts. That may have happened due to bad life experiences. I may also fear being one of the worst, like being D or F tier. If I feel like I'm F tier, I may get depressed for a while and be unable to enjoy the life. For me, anything B or above is good. I also don't like to admit that I know nothing but I also don't think that I know it all. If I find out that I know nothing, I may feel painful but I also get the knowledge. I also fear being injured because: 1- I'm still young enough and 2- I don't want to be constrained in anything and I hate feeling pain. This fear of injury may be a fear of accident. That's why I sometimes see worst case scenarios while I'm travelling. But then, I really enjoy the experience. I may also think of the worst case scenarios because I don't want to have them. And finally, I would hate the thought of being a sheep or being thought as the sheep. And one more thing. I hate the feeling of missing out on something great.

What are your beliefs about the world?
I don't think people are inherently good or bad and it can easily change depending on the environment and education. Any good result for me is great for me. Don't think realistically, you need to think big to succeed. Don't get into the rat race. Never miss out. Life will be great. Work smart, not hard. Eagles fly alone. Great minds discuss and illustrate ideas. Learn and explore anything. There's something hidden in anything. You can do anything with anything. If you don't fix errors, everyone will suffer from ignorance. Aviod slavery like a plague. 9-5 job is slavery. Need for organization/orderliness is the lack of adaptability, flexibility, creativity and imagination. If you're not having fun, you're dying. Some mistakes are fine but others may lead to disappointment.
Political: Most natural option is the best option because nature can know the best. (Like Capitalism) Tradition is obsolete. Jobs are obsolete. Wisdom prevents violence. Freedom is possible with education. Religion is obsolete. Dogma keeps us from development. Violence is harmful in every way.

What are your main coping strategies for your beliefs?
I may question some people before trusting them. If the environment seems good, I may trust them. I try to get good results. I use my imagination and think big. I have my lofty and shifting goals which are different from others. I may feel uneasy around people who has conventional goals. I try to do anything to the fullest. I try to find the best way to solve a problem. I avoid anything mainstream. I like to find those hidden meanings because it satisfies me. I try to fix the errors that I can and don't bother with the ones that I can't. I sometimes view errors in a humorous way and I may laugh or abuse them for fun. I try to avoid anything boring. I don't organize things because it's boring and adaptability/imagination is superior to organization. I try to have fun. I try to avoid violent methods. I try to avoid religion and I seek new knowledge.

What are your general values?
Accuracy, Competence, Fairness, Mercy, Learning, Honesty, Humility, Self-Reliance, Beauty, Influencing, Association Between Others, Being Loved, Harmony, Joviality, Openness, Challenge, Excellence, Development, Excitement, Fast Pace, Fame, Optimism, Creativity, Imagination, Meaning, Freedom, Independence, Flexibility, Acceptance, Uniqueness, Inspiration, Self-Understanding, Ideas, Problem Solving, Intellectual Curiosity, Confidence, Cleverness, Autonomy, Discovery, Knowledge, Open-Mindedness, Privacy, Wisdom, Solitude, Wittiness, Variety, Contribution, Humor, Energy, Enjoyment, Satisfaction, New Material Possessions, Laughter, Multiple Options, Possibilities, Versatility, Positivity, Ecstatic Appreciation, Cheerfulness, Having Fun, Engagement With Life, Diversity, Wealth, Adaptability, Well-Being

What are your natural gifts and talents?
I can learn things very fast. I can see possibilities in everything. I can reflect on many topics for fun. I can easily imagine things. I can easily understand logic. I can behave well enough. I can see the good traits in others. I easily see potential in others. I can influence people by performing. I can easily adapt to changes. I can focus if the thing I'm doing is very interesting. I can say things in a poetic way. I can easily identify with a fantastic character. I can easily inderstand abstract ideas. I am great with technology. I am an intellectually curious generalist. I can create my own theories and it gives me enjoyment to create them. I can analyze and syntesize information. I can share my ideas and findings with others. I can deal with the details as well as the big picture. I can easily envision creative and novel ideas. I can do many things well enough. I can accumulate enormous amounts of varied information. I can see the best and worst in anything. I like to run around until I crash. I can anticipate wonderful things. I can entertain others. I can create multiple approaches to solve a problem. I can see the bright side of problems. I like to try new things such as a new food, place, experiment. I can bring fun to whatever work I do. I can easily think holistically. I can feel connected to others. I know many details of everyone such as their birth dates, biood types...

What are your biggest flaws?
I may be the most impractical person ever. I may struggle with common sense. And if I don't actually struggle, I simply find mundane chores boring. I get better though. I may not like to organize myself at all because I find it boring. I may lose focus if there's something more interesting happening. I may get bored by dealing with details in a practical way. I may lose my sense of self-care. I may have trouble with detaching from my emotions. I may sometimes fear for the worst. I may do too much of something I enjoy. I say struggle to put my biggest ideas into action. I only get good grades because I love learning. I'm not the person who works steadily for many hours. I don't like focusing on and memorizing things I don't want. I don't really like to take care of others full time. But I can still take care of others if I want. I hate involuntary action or anything involuntary in general. I may sometimes view things too negatively or positively. I lean towards excess.

What happens to you under extreme stress?
This changes depending on the stressor. At my home, when I fail to do a task properly or rebel against it because it's boring, bad outcomes can happen. When this happens, I criticise myself internally. I think things like "I should have been more careful" and "I must be ultra meticulous next time." I may also snap at others critically if the threat is strong enough. Eventually, I either lose interest in everything and become depressed or it resolves itself and I forget it. In my school, when I get a bad grade or something else bad happens (which I try to prevent), I don't feel like to do anything and it feels like my fun plans are obstructed. Eventually, I forget it. And rarely, when something bad happens in an unfamiliar manner like not being able to enter an account and the right password gives the wrong password message, I get the worst case scenarios. I try to fix it by trying various methods. If it works, it's done. If it doesn't work, I try to forget it and distract myself until I think that "big doom" may happen to me. Eventually, I forget it and the problem solves itself.

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