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So I'm an INTJ foodie (so much for the stereotype of us being "insensate") and it's post-Thanksgiving. Naturally, I'm enjoying some leftovers that include but are not limited to roasted parsnips (which caramelize easily due to their carrot-like sugar content). The other day (just yesterday, actually), I was talking to an ESFJ friend who's the wife of my INFP former roommate. I already have a reputation for enjoying a broad spectrum of foods that "normal" people apparently think are "weird." So anyway, I ask her if she'd ever be willing to try mashed celery root (aka "celeriac puree") as an alternative to mashed potatoes. You know, just for the sake of variety. And she says to me, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"
She actually sounded angry when she said it! Maybe not literally "angry," just animated. Is this sort of reaction an ESFJ thing or a Choleric thing? She gets irritated with me when I try to coax her into trying "weird" foods (many of which are vegetables), but also when I talk about insects which I think are beautiful (another trait of mine that she thinks is weird). She's trying to eat more vegetables to empower her health, and many of the "new" foods I recommend are vegetables, but she thinks it's weird that I actually enjoy salads rather than eating them only for their health benefits. Also, her INFP husband (my former roommate) calls the foods I like, such as fennel bulbs, "alien food."

One time, I got their daughters to pet a katydid!
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