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So an NT said I should consider that life is about both deep and superficial experiences. It makes sense that I think I should let go from being overly fixed on the notion that I can only find true happiness if I can find a ''deeper more personal more dramatic meaning'' to almost EVERYTHING (I'm sure if a Thinker reads this, he/she would wonder how come I'm still alive lol).

I am a deep person, and that will most likely never change. At the same time, I also need to be more appreciative of the superficial but important things in life.

So I started this thread :) I just want to help us grow.

1. My mum bought me very nice clothes.
2. I look good with make up.
3. I drank pepsi.
4. I will be more disciplined in working hard to pass two of my second year modules even though I feel
sad about my scholarship.
5. I have a soft bed.
6. I went for Eid and it was nice to see fireworks.
7. I can watch TV.
8. It is more quiet and peaceful at home.
9. I have a handbag that costed me 90 pounds and I love it.
10. I need a break from social interaction sometimes.
11. I am going to eat chicken drumstick for dinner later.

I think I may be laughed at, but seriously I need to look more at simple things to be healthier.
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