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Dear love,

It has been years since we have locked eyes with each other. I remember being innocent with you and sharing laughter with you as if our years would go on. Young love, so pure and so eternal.

If only you knew that I have always held that picture of you in my heart. If only you knew, if only you saw, what you meant to me even when I was not strong enough. Sometimes that small innocent part of me is still there, and I find myself wishing I could hug you, protect you from any hurt the universe could bring.

Love, please forgive me. Although we have been apart for so long, I wish you peace, love and happiness because you are a precious soul to me. I do not regret the thoughts I have of you, I do not regret how I have seen you and loved you.

Wondering about what could have been tears at me inside but I just have to accept, that a part of me will always care about you even as I move on. If only the purest and most sincere of love had met with a happy ending.

I know I can still touch your heart, but if only our dreams had come true.

From someone who cares about you deeply (me)
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