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I can't believe no one else spotted the obvious correlation from a study I recently completed in one of my blogs and offer now for peer review:

We all know that most women with their higher estrogen levels have difficulty keeping their big tits out of the way of the steering wheel. Also, we all know that most men with their higher testosterone levels ride higher in their seats and therefore have difficulty keeping their big boners out of their minds when viewing these shorter, well-stacked, driveresses.

Next, naturally, the the bigger-breasted women, who are also more intuitive than most men (another study I am working on, don't worry, it'll be coming your way soon...) turn to stare at the raging boners they perceive in lanes to the left of 'em, lanes to the right, and voila, CRASH-BOOM-BANG. (No wonder my husband's cost of Blue Cross/Blue Shield and his incident of blue-balls double the price--both hidden and apparent--he has to pay for both.)

I'll work on the percentages, four-syllable-words, pertinent links, YouTube videos, and hot-button off-topic comments and sarcastic rebuttals to anyone who disagrees, in the slightest, with my scientific findings, after I flesh out, and share, the final results of both studies (I should be able to get back to you by tomorrow.

I will work fast because a mere second ago is 'history' and we all know--because some studies show--that history should be forgotten, if it cannot be rewritten to ones advantage--whoever one is, and that I should, therefore, get my studies out to you as quickly as possible on this Forum so they can be closed--no necro-posting--to allow room for more studies from my esteemed colleagues.)

Till you hear from me again, just remember, driving is not a right; it is a privilege--unlike citing or conducting counterfeit studies--so "Hey, let's be careful out there."
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