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A most sincere wish of mine for the world - Izzie (Opening up my hidden heart)

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I wish there was less extremism when it comes to beliefs and politics.

I have felt like an isolated alien sometimes because I never quite understand the human condition to constantly want to prove themselves as right at the expense of understanding other people, I never quite understand what it means to compete for the sake of competition, I never quite understand what security can it bring to be fault-finding without caring to think about how your emotions or ethics/lack of it play a part in what you do.

I always envision more happiness if individuals were more balanced. I don't see why people think moderation is overrated. I am religious (yes I am, completely!) and I am highly moderate. This might come as a shock to the people who's been keeping up with me on this forum, but the truth is, I do not even care if someone else thinks my religion is meaningless, I believe in it.

I think any person can be happy when he or she is able to stand strong by his/her core values, by his/her moral compass that he/she finds in any belief system, while at the same time leave room to be his or her truest self and also able to put oneself in the shoes of other people who are entirely different. When we find moderation, when we find balance, we can also find common grounds and stop the useless condition of attempting to prove ourselves right at every turn.

I wish people would stop targeting my religious group just because of what the media says, just because there are still a lot of things they don't understand and a lot of us still suffer in many other parts of the world. A lot of people of my faith have had their lands occupied, their families taken away from them, their worship rights stripped off and their dress codes abused. It sickens me and makes me feel tired sometimes.

I wish people would stop being acting like they were more superior to other groups, because the truth is, when you measure your superiority based on your own mind or where you grew up in, you never really learn about the world at all.

I am logical, I am an idealist, I am friendly but I am also religious and I hear the voices of those who are oppressed.

It's not the kind of thing I always talk about here, but I can't shut my mind out anymore.
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Yeah, extremism has never done anything good. It always ends up with killing a bunch of innocent people.

I find in myself that I have ambivalent feelings towards, well, everything actually. I always see both sides of an issue, which often makes it hard for me to even make an opinion, though I also often pick a side even though I can still understand the other side.

I also believe in freedom with responsibility, meaning that you should be allowed to believe whatever you want and do whatever you want, as long as you don't hurt anybody. This world totally lacks that freedom.

Izzie, just out of curiosity, which religion do you believe in? :happy:
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Thank you, INFP's, that mean a lot.

I am a moderate Muslim. Even though I'm not a really great one.
I actually intuited that, I just wanted to make sure :wink:
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