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Befor I read anything about MBTI, I read about TA (Transactional analysis).
And the thing I found myself doing at times in the start with TA, is the same thing I did with MBTI also at times.

Here is a small section from the book "TA today".. Which I read today, and made me think of this again.
You practically just need to replace the ego-state/parent/adult/child with the mbti letters or functions, etc.

Ego-states are names, not things

You cannot put an ego-state in a wheelbarrow. You cannot weigh it nor touch it. You cannot find it in any particular location in the body or brain.
This is because an ego-state is not a thing. Instead, it is a name, which we use to describe a set of phenomena, i.e. a set of related feelings, thoughts and behaviours. In the same way, Parent, Adult and Child are not things. They are names. We use these three words as labels to distinguish the three different sets of feeling-thinking-behaving that you have met in this chapter.
At the same time, it´s worth repeating that the ego-states do represent the behaviour, thoughts and feelings of real people who are now alive or have been at some time. When I´m in Child I am replaying the behaviour, thoughts and feelings of the real child I once was. In Parent I´m reproducing the behaviour, thoughts and feelings of a real person who was a parent-figure to me during my childhood. And in Adult I’m showing the behaviour, thoughts and feelings of my real grown-up self, right now.
Quite often in everyday TA practice, people talk about ego-states as if they were ‘things we have’. You may hear statements like:
‘My Kid wants some fun,’
or ‘You have a strong Adult.’
The trouble with talking this way is that we may slip into believing that ego-states have some kind of existence of their own, separate from the person we are talking about. Of course, this isn’t so. It’s not that ‘my Kid’ wants some fun. I want some fun, and I may be in my Child ego- state while I want it. It’s not that ‘I have a strong Adult’. Rather, I have a good ability to do the things that are usually associated with the Adult ego-state, like reality-testing and assessing probabilities.
Throughout this book, we avoid the habit of talking as thought ego-states were ´things´. We suggest that you do the same.

Just wanted to post, as it is a thing I find annoying, distracting and not useful. I am sure I am not the only one who have kinda thought to myself, "Is this ... " .. "Is that..." Fe, Ti, Te, J-P.. etc.
If you get what I mean.

Correct me if wrong.
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