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A newcomer

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Hello there! Nice to meet you! As you can see I am a newcomer, pretty confused about his MBTI (Pretty confused about himself as well :kitteh:) I believe I am an INFx, however I am not really sure about my cognitive functions or how the function. Being a dreamer airhead, I tend to forget many things, probably staring at something unaware of what's happening, so if I buckle something up, please forgive me, I didn't mean to :laughing:.
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I'm sure you'll get to it, I was also confused for the first couple of months after learning about MBTI but joining the forum helped me a lot, even if it was recently. I'm sure you can find other airheads here, me included (>.<). You could grab help at the "What's my type" forum, that's what I did. I hope you enjoy being here!
Hello there. I do hope you enjoy yourself around Perc, and feel free to explore yourself and talk to anyone, even me, most of the people here are very friendly. However, the ESTP's bite. Not really, but only if you let them. The ENFJ's don't bite. Some of them do.
Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! :)
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