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A note to myself

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So i just got this crazy idea that maybe if i write my feelings down maybe i can find a way to not feel like this again and figure things out im my life so heres my pity party!!!
Um friends… I don’t have any. It seems like the ppl I mess with im the one that tries and frankly im done with it. My one homeboy for a few years I don’t really know what happen, things are just different and I feel it. I had a cousin that I thought we was close growing up but now in hindsight I guess he had no choice but to hang with me. And I don’t really know how to make any new friends.
My family sucks. All they do now is use me and come around when they need something from me. I mean I don’t kno what to expect really. I have a brother that is addicted to drugs and hes come to me crying and feeling bad about what hes done but its like he does it anyway. He has wasted a lot of my money and im worried about him because he has tried to commit suicide twice and he credits drugs from dealers and they be threatening to hurt him or even worst.
Females… I mean its nothing to get a number but it like if I put myself out there It never works. Maybe its the girls around here but now its like when I meet a new girl she not meeting the real me. Its like im whoever or whatever she likes until things fall thru. Plus my insecurities don’t help things either. I know that there is no one answer to these problems but I don’t know what else to do. All I do know is that I wish I was away from all of this!
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hey.. Iwill be your friend.
Thanks everybody for the advice
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