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Do notice that I messed up the title (Hints moderators)

[INTPfriend]: : Whoa, what website is this. Also, I'm glad you've been infected with the Myers-Briggs bug.

[Me]: It's not a bug, it's a tool.

[INTPfriend]: You've failed to answer my question. Perhaps because I failed to include a question mark.

[Me]: Website is already indicated in the picture.
[Me]: And yes, I did take your first sentence as rhetorical.

[INTPfriend]: Sincerest apologies. I'll never make such punctuational errors again.

[Me]: Accepted, although not that it was needed.

[INTPfriend]: It's too late for that. The apology has been made. There is no turning back now.

[Me]: And please do not make promises that you cannot keep.

[INTPfriend]: Your words are always so hurtful.

[Me]: I have no further comment on the matter unless you bring another topic.

[INTPfriend]: How is that a conditional statement?

/ʌnˈlɛs, ən-/ Show Spelled[uhn-les, uhn-] Show IPA
1.except under the circumstances that: I'll be there at nine, unless the train is late.
2.except; but; save: Nothing will come of it, unless disaster.
[Me]: Never hurtful when you read my comments in a neutral manner.

[INTPfriend]: You know, after all these years, I can't tell if you have an incredibly dry sense of humor, or are the most serious person I know.

[Me]: I usually make my humor obvious.
If you don't think I'm being facetious, I am most likely not.
[Me]: And I would prefer duration of talks we had rather than years knowing each other. You many know someone for years, yet know barely anything about him/her.
[Me]: Duration of "deeper" talks would be a better indicator, but I do not expect that from anyone.

[INTPfriend]: Again, you hurt.

[Me]: My apologies. I realize not many can stay neutral in conversations.
[Me]: So, should I gear myself into "social mode"?

[INTPfriend]: Is that option available to you?

[Me]: Yes :p

[INTPfriend]: Was that part of "social mode?"

[Me]: Yea. if you prefer me talking like now. I can do that. lol
[Me]: it's gonna cost me some energy staying in this mode, but if I feel I need it, no problem :]

[INTPfriend]: This tone is all different. I can't handle it. I don't know what to do.

[Me]: Eh, if I only stay logical, I may break. So, I've developed my "second" personality, so to speak.

[INTPfriend]: I can't keep up. This is too complicated an existence.

[Me]: You flatter me :p, but it's only natural for us to stay flexible to our environment. Humans are good at that, aren't we? lol

[INTPfriend]: And you insult me, I don't flatter. Besides, a complicated existence is not necessarily a good one.

[Me]: I wonder where you get good/bad standard from? lol
And sorry again. I thought you could gear as similarly as I did.

[INTPfriend]: Gear what? And good = complexity?

Eh, I meant loosening up of the personality. One may say "as if drunk".
And no, I don't think good = complexity.
I personally think nothing can be judged as "good/bad", because these evaluations often output different results according to varying perspectives.

[INTPfriend]: Right, and I'm referring to my perspective.

[Me]: Then the evaluation is rather subjective (unless you know your standard is inclined to objectivity).
We are seeing classic conflict case based on different value systems.

[INTPfriend]: How is a standard inclined to objectivity? Regardless, I am always right, because this is always my perspective. Therefore, I win.

[Me]: Yep, you win in your own domain. No one can argue against that.
And a standard can incline to objectivity if it implements heavier logic into evaluation than emotion/instinct.

[INTPfriend]: Why hate on emotion and instinct?

[Me]: eh, I don't hate. I just don't use them when I'm judging things. Because their influence makes my judgment that much illogical.
It's also my belief that the state of "well-being" requires satisfaction in all three criteria.

[INTPfriend]: Well then, you have work to do.

lol. No, [INTPfriend], do notice that the two sentences are in different topic.
I just don't use them when I'm judging things.(topic of selective implementation)
It's also my belief that the state of "well-being" requires satisfaction in all three criteria.(topic of personal satisfaction/well-being)
You can say that I'm a pretty happy person in all three criteria.

[INTPfriend]: No, I cant really say anything. The duration of our talks is not substantive. Moreover, they're not very deep.

[Me]: I agree. We don't know each other so well. (Heck, who does, thoough? lol)
At least it this talk is somewhat entertaining, right? lol

[INTPfriend]: [Myname], how will you be a functional member of society?

[Me]: I do my work in the background (Hopefully for humanity, leave a legacy or two).
I'll try to take humanity to a more efficient survival level.
I personally think that's better than mediocrity.

[INTPfriend]: I aspire to mediocrity.

[Me]: As a friend, I would say "Don't". Aim higher.
(If you are referring to a mediocre population "statistically achieve" something someday ("I'll be a good honest functional member of society and my society will advance someday from partial contribution"), I dare you to say "I will be the immediate major contribution." But that doesn't mean you should be sad about being mediocre now. A dreamer pursuing idealism is never mediocre in the first place.)
However, you are free to choose what you see fit.

[INTPfriend]: Did you just call yourself my friend?

[Me]: Do you think otherwise? I sure don't wish you harm (that will be the definition of "enemy," antonym of "friend").
I would call any human being a friend. (How ironically biblical.)

[INTPfriend]: I feel less special than I did a minute ago.

[Me]: Sorry to disassemble your expectation.
But here is a factual statement: A human being named [INTPfriend] is registered in my brain as "one of significant/noteworthy human beings I've encountered".

[INTPfriend]: This is all I've ever wanted. Thank you.

[Me]: My pleasure.
Shall we end our discussion on this particularly good note?
I hope this conversation has been entertaining to your mind.

[INTPfriend]: Entertaining indeed. I will now do my math homework. Goodnight!

[Me]: Goodnight, miss.
Have an intriguing dream, as always.
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