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I've just wrote a poem. I find it very INFPish so I want to share with everybody here. What do you think?


I am all alone
My only companion
Is my own thoughts
They never abandon me
Stick with me
Till the end of time
Let me delve
Into imaginary world
Where I can be
Afloat in air
Weightless, substanceless
Nothing weighs me down
Unchained by material weights
Free to fly away
To a sanctum
Where I can be me
Without pretense
And facades
Putting up like walls
Barring the world's evils
The truly me
Fragile, vulnerable
Always too timid
To deal with reality
So blunt, so cruel
Escape from physical world
Reveling in imagination
Is my favorite pastime
'Coz it sets me free
From worldly obligations

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That's definitely an INFP poem.
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